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Swaragini: Bajirao Mastani’s Ranveer Singh-Deepika Padukone Play Cupids To Swara-Sanskar–Pics

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In Swaragini, though Uttara has confessed that she had kidnapped Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar), Swara (Helly Shah) is sure that Uttara was accompanied by someone. Swara even expresses her doubt in front of Lakshya (Namish Taneja), who is actually behind the kidnap.

After Uttara's confession, Swara, who had once blamed Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) for Ragini's kidnap, tries apologising to Sanskar. He doesn't listen to her and says that Swara has broken the trust and bond between them.

Sanskar even clarifies her doubts. He tells her that he had been to Kolkata on the day of Ragini's kidnap as he had heard that someone met with an accident. He went there to check if it was Ragini. Since it was not her, he didn't find it necessary to tell the family.

He had also burnt the blanket as he didn't want anyone to point Swara for Ragini's kidnap as she was innocent. The blanket was a major proof and because it was found in Swara's room, everyone doubted that Swara was behind the kidnap. To save Swara, he destroyed the proof.

Swara is hurt after hearing the confession from Sanskar, and worried that his trust on her was broken just because of her stupidity. She cries alone in the room.

Meanwhile, on Dadi's advice Swara was about to go to Ragini's room, but the power goes off. Ragini switches on the torch, while Swara lights the candle. Swara even holds Uttara, who was about to fall.

Ragini gets scared seeing someone in her room. Swara senses that Ragini might be in danger and runs to her room. Ragini tells Swara that Uttara had come to her room to harm her, but Swara clarifies that Uttara was with her.

Click on the slides to read the spoiler and know how Bajirao Mastani's Ranveer Singh & Deepika Padukone play cupids to Swara & Sanskar....


Swara plans to trap the kidnapper and the person who wanted to harm Ragini. She asks Lakshya to take Ragini to the police station as she had got some major evidence against the culprit and she can't trust anybody but Lakshya.


Lakshya takes advantage of this situation. He takes Ragini in the car, and recalls all the incidents, how Ragini destroyed his relationship wih Swara.


Lakshya turns the car and takes her to the sunset point. Ragini asks the reason, while she also calls Dadi. But, Lakshya asks Ragini to trust him.


He asks Ragini to get down and help him to remove the stone from the way. While Ragini tries to do the same,, he tries to run the car over her.


Though Ragini shouts to stop, he doesn't. Swara, who had sensed the danger, was behind the seat in the car to protect her sister. She holds his neck and asks him to stop the car, but he doesn't stop.

Lakshya Hangs On A Tree Branch

While the car speeds up, Swara and Lakshya jump off the car. Lakshya hangs on a tree branch, and Swara and Ragini tries to save him. At the right time Sanskar comes to the place and save Lakshya.

Annapoorna Suffers Heart Attack

Now everyone will get to know that Lakshya was behind Ragini's kidnap, and he wanted to harm Ragini. Annapoorna will suffer a heart attack, and Durga Prasad apologises Dadi about the incident. He promises that he will do whatever she wants him to do.


Dadi asks Durga Prasad to hand over the property to Ragini. Both Swara and Ragini are shocked with this.

Ragini’s Major Transformation

Ragini will undergo a major transformation after she gets the property and her love for Lakshya turns hatred. She decides to take revenge on him.


On the other hand, Sanskar remains upset with Swara. According to the latest spoiler, Sanskar will be attacked by goons.

Deepika Padukone

This is when Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh come into picture. Ranveer and Deepika would be performing and promoting their upcoming movie Bajirao Mastani, in the nearby site.

Ranveer Singh Fights With Goons To Save Sanskar

Seeing Sanskar in danger, Ranveer jumps in to save Sanskar. Ranveer fights with the goons and saves Sanskar.

Ranveer & Deepika With SwaRagini

Ranveer and Deepika will play cupids, as the duo will make Sanskar and Swara realise their love and bring them closer.

Ranveer & Deepika

Look at this picture... Doesn't Ranveer and Deepika look a perfect couple, just like Swara and Sanskar?

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