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Swaragini: Ragini To Bring Out Durga Prasad’s Secret; Swara In Love With Sanskar!

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In Swaragini, we saw how Ragini's (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) look and attitude have changed. She even slaps Lakshya (Namish Taneja), who was once her love, and denies to divorce him. Lakshya remains speechless, and nods to Ragini's orders as he has become her puppet.

Durga Prasad would have made a deal with Dadi that, if he gives Maheshwari property to Ragini, they would free Lakshya. Durga Prasad will be helpless as he wanted Lakshya's freedom for Annapoorna's health. He agrees to whatever Dadi says.

Ragini heads the family and makes each and every person in the house, work. When Lakshya sees his mother cleaning the floor, he questions Ragini, who reminds him of the condition. Ragini threatens every member in the house that she would send Lakshya to jail, and gets her work done from them.

Swara (Helly Shah) gets to know about Ragini's attitude and goes to the Maheswari house. As soon as she enters the house, Swara notices Annapoorna cleaning Ragini's sari, and shouts at Ragini. Dadi asks Swara not to interfere and reminds Swara of the deal. She also tells that Ragini is head of Maheshwari house now!

Swara argues with Ragini and tells that she is also a member of the house. Ragini asks Swara about the divorce, and Swara denies to divorce Sanskar (Varun Kapoor). Swara wants to stay in the house and keep a tab on Ragini's plan. She also wants to save Maheshwari house members from Ragini's torture.

But Ragini wants to just torture the family and she tells that she is going to reveal a secret during the party. The party will be organised by Ragini for her success. Also Durga Prasad will be seen handing over the office property to Ragini.

Ragini makes the family members work in the party, seeing which Swara gets upset. In the upcoming episode, Ragini and Dadi, together will reveal Durga Prasad's bitter past. Read further to know what is Durga Prasad's secret in the slides....


Ragini makes Annapoorna clean the floor as well as the sari as Ragini spills the milk and blames it on Annapoorna. When everybody questions her about this, Ragini reminds them of deal and silences everyone.


Swara, who enters the house, stops Ragini and argues with her. Ragini couldn't silence Swara as she tells her that she is still a member of the family, since she didn't divorce Sanskar yet.


Swara tries to speak to Sanskar about their relation, but Sanskar hurts her by telling her, not to try to impress him by saving their family from Ragini.


Sanskar tells that he is aware that Swara is in the house because of Ragini, and not for him. He asks her to divorce him, and free him from the relation as soon as possible.

Swara In Love With Sanskar

Swara tries to speak to Sanskar about their relation, but in vain. He leaves the room, without speaking to Swara, who has fallen in love with Sanskar and doesn't want to divorce him.

Swara-Durga Prasad

Swara meets Durga Prasad, who is happy that she is back home. But at the same time, he is upset that Swara as Swara wasn't able to move on in her life because of family tension. Swara promises Durga Prasad that she will protect their family.


Ragini meets a person, who gets the file for her. After receiving the file, she asks him to leave the place. Swara sees what happened and doubts Ragini.

Ragini’s Party

In the party organised by Ragini, Uttara and Annapoorna will be asked to serve juice, seeing which the guests are shocked, and the family members, upset. Though Swara tries to stop Annapoorna, Ragini interferes.

Durga Prasad’s Past

Ragini, who previously said that she will reveal a secret during the party, will introduce a woman. Apparently, this role will be played by Sonia Shah, who was previously seen in Nisha Aur Uske Cousins.

Durga Prasad

According to the spoiler, Sonia will be Durga Prasad's past love and will play a negative role in the show. She will bring more trouble in Durga Prasad's life as well as in the Maheshwari family.


How did Dadi and Ragini get to know about Durga Prasad's past love? What is their relation with her? Why are they troubling Maheshwari family so much? Will Swara save Maheshwari family from all these troubles? Stay locked to this space to get more updates of the show...

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