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Swaragini: Ragini Fixes Camera In Swara-Sanskar Room; Lakshya To Make Swara Jealous!

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In Swaragini, Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) gets married to Lakshya (Namish Taneja) by almost killing her sister Swara (Helly Shah). Ragini also makes Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) get caught who had changed for good and also who had ones helped Ragini in ruining Swara-Lakshya's life.

When Sanskar gets to know that Ragini was behind Swara's missing episode, he tries to reveal Ragini's truth to Durga Prasad. But Ragini thinks that if Sanskar reveals her truth, she won't be able to marry Lakshya, so Ragini reveals half-truth of Sanskar to Lakshya and his father which makes them kick Sanskar out of the house.

With Ragini's revelation, Sanskar and Swara get bad impression in front of the family members. Sanskar manages to get Swara home, who knows Ragini's truth. Swara also gets to know from Dida about Ragini and lakshya marriage and is heart-broken with her sister's selfish nature.

Swara and Sanskar go to Lakshya's place and apologises to everyone. While Sanskar though is not forgiven is let to stay at home, Lakshya who thinks Swara ditched him, doesn't forgive Swara. Lakshya says that he hates her and doesn't want to see her face again. Lakshya also gets drunk and insults Swara and Sanskar in front of Police.

Swara requests Ragini to reveal her truth so that their father and mother, who broke up during Ragini-Lakshya's marriage, could reunite. Ragini doesn't agree to this as she is scared of losing Lakshya. Swara now decides to teach Ragini a lesson.

Swara along with Dida and Sanskar plan to trap Ragini. Dida gets Lakshya arrested as Swara goes missing. Ragini begs Dida and Sumi to release Lakshya. She also reveals that she ditched Swara to marry Lakshya.


Swara reaches home and there too in front of colony people she gets insulted. Swara will be asked to leave the place.


Ragini will be happy to see Swara back but the latter ignores her.

Ragini Asks Swara For Lakshya's Release

Ragini begs Swara to get Lakshya released. Swara helps her, but warns Ragini of the forthcoming days that she will have to face.

Post Marriage Ceremonies-Lakshya-Ragini

Ragin's post marriage ceremonies take place with Lakshya. Ragini is happy to be with Lakshya while the latter is still hurt and shattered as his marriage broke up with Swara.

Swara-Sanskar Marriage

As planned, while Ragini's post marriage ceremonies were going on, Swara comes home with Sanskar getting married.

Swara Dad Shikar Upset

Everyone are shocked with this development. Swara's father tells Swara that he is ashamed of his daughter's behaviour


Since Swara just want their parents to get reunited she is ready to bear anything. She makes everyone believe that she has really got married to Sanskar, but reality, only Ragini knows.

Ragini Fixes Camera In Swara-Sanskar Room

To know Swara's truth Ragini fixes her camera in the vase of Swara-Sanskar room when Swara was busy with some work.


Since Swara and Sanskar marriage was fake, both do not sleep together. Will Ragini get to know this? Will her camera capture this?


Also to make Swara Jealous and to show he is happy with the marriage, Lakshya will be seen holding Ragini's hand .

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