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Swaragini: Ragini Marries Lakshya; But Tries To Commit Suicide!!

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In Swaragini, Swara (Helly Shah) goes missing and Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) gets to know that Ragini's (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) is behind this incident. He tries to approach her in a good manner but Ragini remain unaffected, which makes Sanskar to speak out truth in front of everyone.

But before Sanskar tells Ragini's truth, Ragini speaks out about Sanskar's truth. She tells Durga Prasad that Sanskar is completely alright and he is just acting mad to ruin Lakshya (Namish Taneja) and Durga Prasad's life.

Previously, since Swara too had a doubt about Sanskar's drama, Lakshya thinks Ragini is speaking truth. Along with Lakshya, Durga Prasad too throw Sanskar out of the house. Before leaving Sanskar tries to unveil the real face of Ragini, but none listen to him.

Sanskar promises that he will be back with the proofs to show he is innocent. While Lakshya and others are still waiting for Swara and Dadi questions Ragini, Lakshya gets video from Ragini sent through Swara's mobile. In the video, Swara would have revealed that she didn't love Lakshya and since he was behind her, she had to agree for the marriage.

This breaks trust of Lakshya and all others in the house. Ragini, who can modify anything, tries to convince everyone saying Swara was true to Lakshya and she doesn't believe in that video, but by then Dida slaps Ragini. Will Dida tell Ragini's truth?

Ragini is so much obsessed with Lakshya that she can do anything to get back her place. She was responsible for Dida's slipping from stairs, pushed Swara in river and insulted Sanskar, who ones helped her!

Read the story and spoilers in the slides...


Sanskar searches for Swara and enquires about her in the temple and shops around.

Sanskar In Search Of Swara

Sanskar finds the plate, which Ragini threw in the open space nearby temple. From this he gets a clue that Swara would be somewhere around.


Swara will be found by few women who rescue her.

Ragini-Lakshya Marriage

Ragini will get married to Lakshya, who is still in love with Swara and shocked as well as hurt with the video.


Ragini does gruhpravesh and performs puja at Lakshya's place.

Ragini-Durga Prasad

Ragini tries to take Durga Prasad and other's blessings, who doesn't approve.

Upset Ragini

This makes Ragini upset and she takes drastic step of hanging herself.

Lakshya Saves Ragini

But, at the right time, Lakshya comes in and save Ragini.


Will Sanskar find Swara? What will Sanskar and Swara do to unveil Ragini's truth?

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