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Swaragini: Ragini To Escape From Kidnapper’s Den; Is Swara Behind Ragini’s Kidnap?

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In Swaragini, Maheshwari and Gadodia families are worried as they get to know that Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) is missing. Swara (Helly Shah) gets tensed, while Annapoorna blames her for Ragini's missing.

It has to be remembered that Swara gets to know about Ragini's trick. Ragini's plan backfires as Swara slaps Ragini, breaks all ties with her sister and throws her out of the house. Ragini leaves the house angrily without any money.

On the other hand, Swara will call her mother, Sumi, and dadi, who asks them why weren't they informed that Ragini got back her memory. Durga Prasad asks them not to blame each other and to search for Ragini.

Swara gets CCTV footage of the market from where Ragini went missing. Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) and Lakshya (Namish Taneja) who were searching for Ragini, along with Swara, get to know from the shopkeeper that Ragini tried to make a call from STD booth.

Dadi seems surprised at this, she wonders why would Ragini go to an STD booth when she has a mobile, and why she didn't go home.

After watching the video, Swara tries to recall what might have gone wrong and how Ragini went missing from the market. Swara, then takes the family to the market, where she demonstrates how Ragini would have gone missing.

Swara tells that since Ragini was ill, according to the shopkeeper, she might have fallen down in the shop, which none would have seen. They do not have the CCTV footage of two hours. She tells police that something would have gone wrong in that two hours.

The recent promo shows a lady in the mask and it is Swara. Is Swara behind Ragini's Kidnap? Click on the slides to read more....

Swara-Ragini Fight

Swara will be blamed by Maheshwari family for Ragini's missing case. Annapoorna takes Ragini's side, and blames Swara. While Swara asks Sanskar to get the CCTV footage of the market, from where Ragini went missing.

Swara Questioned

In the promo, Swara will be questioned by police, and Swara tells them that she had a fight with Ragini, the last time she met her.

Ragini In Dark Room

Ragini will be kidnapped and tied up in a dark room by the kidnapper. While Ragini was making a call, she faints in the telephone booth and the person take her in the car to the dark room.

Kidnapper's Mask

The kidnapper's face in the promo will be covered with the mask. The kidnapper ties Ragini in the dark room, while Ragini gets suffocated in the dark. She shouts and asks Swara and Sanskar to release her, thinking the duo had kidnapped her.

Swara Behind The Mask?

In the promo, the mask will be removed and it will be shown that it is Swara who has kidnapped Ragini! Did Swara kidnap Ragini to teach her a lesson?


Well, we feel, it is not Swara but some other person behind Ragini's kidnap as Swara is seen helping the police and family in searching Ragini.

Ragini To Escape From Kidnapper’s Den!

On the other hand, Ragini releases herself and escapes from the kidnapper's den. Will she reach home and blame Swara and Sanskar for being kidnapped? Or will the kidnapper find her and tie her up in the dark room, again? Stay locked to this space to get the latest updates from the show.

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