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Swaragini Spoiler: Ragini’s Goon Attacks Sanskar; Ragini Succeeds In Throwing Swara Out Of The House

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As we all know, in Swaragini, Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) is back in form. With the help of Dadi, Ragini has now got double power. But, she feels she would lose all powers if Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar interfere in her life, and therefore, decides to separate them.

In the previous episode, we saw how Ragini plays with the Maheshwari family and spoils Swara's plans. Ragini takes Durga Prasad's money, and decides to distribute the salary to the servants, all by herself. She doesn't even leave money for Annapoorna and Durga Prasad's personal needs, and asks them to get the money from her, whenever needed.

When Durga Prasad asks Ragini to give some amount for his servant's wife's surgery, she refuses his request.

This irks Lakshya (Namish Taneja), and he decides to fight with Ragini, but in vain. Lakshya holds Ragini's hands and makes her drop the money. Durga Prasad comes to Ragini's rescue, but Ragini asks him to give the money that was on the floor. Lakshya remains helpless.

Swara overhears the conversation and plans to get the locker keys. Swara takes keys from Ragini by accidentally putting chilli powder on her face. She then asks Annapoorna, to give money to the servants.

But, the smart Ragini would have exchanged the keys and shocks everybody. Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) comes as a saviour as he gives money to Durga Prasad, and asks the latter to distribute to the servants.

Also, Ragini gets to know that Swara has a doubt on the singer who had come to the party. Swara asks Sanskar to meet her as she had doubt on Durga Prasad and the singer who had come to the party.

Ragini fears that if Swara and Sanskar will get to know the truth, her plan would flop, and sends goons to keep Swara and Sanskar away.

Click on the slides to read the story and the spoiler in the slides...

Ragini Calls A Man

Ragini calls the goon and asks him to do the work carefully, and make sure that Swara doesn't speak to Sanskar. Dadi asks Ragini if sending a goon was necessary, as it could be harmful.

Swara Waiting For Sanskar

Swara will be waiting for Sanskar at a place where she will be seen watching Bajirao Mastani's Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone performance. Sanskar comes to meet Swara.

Sanskar Reach The Venue

Because the venue was crowded, it took some time for Sanskar and Swara to see each other. Just when Sanskar was to meet Swara, he will be attacked by Ragini's goon.

Bajirao Mastani's Ranveer Singh Performing

Ranveer, who was performing would jump down the stage to save Sanskar. He fights with the goon. Swara and Sanskar meet Ranveer and Deepika, who give them the lesson of love.

Sanskar Leaves

Sanskar leaves the place. It has to be seen, if Swara could tell what she wanted to Sanskar, about the singer and Durga Prasad.


Ragini, who thinks Swara could cause problem in her work, will plan to send Swara home. She calls a few men, who will be told that Swara is refusing divorce and is still in the house.

Swara Warned by Men

Swara will be warned by the men to leave the house within five days, else she would have to bear the consequences. Looks like Ragini has used Swara's trick.


Swara would not give up and plan to backfire with some or the other trick. But clever Ragini gets irked with Swara and gets her signature on divorce papers in a tricky manner!

Swara Leaves Maheshwari House

Sanskar too, would not listen to Swara's words that she was tricked by Ragini. With no other way left, Swara leaves the house. But promises to return and attack Ragini!

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