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Swaragini Spoiler: Swara-Sanskar Get Clues Of Ragini’s Kidnapper - PICS

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In Swaragini, Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) gets caught with her dirty tricks, by Swara (Helly Shah), who blames the former for the fight between Lakshya (Namish Taneja) and Sanskar (Varun Kapoor). Swara gets to know that Ragini Is doing a drama, acting like she is a good person. After this, Ragini gets kicked out of the house by Swara, and unfortunately gets kidnapped.

Ragini will be seen creating a misunderstanding between Lakshya and Sanskar. Both guys are madly in love with Swara, and Ragini knows that they can do anything for Swara. By making use of this advantage, she makes their mothers believe that Swara is playing with Sanskar and Lakshya.

Ragini wanted to spoil Swara's reputation and she was also successful in doing so, as both Annapoorna and Sujatha think that Swara is playing in Sanskar's life by not giving him a divorce, and in Lakshya's life by acting like she is his friend.

Swara gets to know about Ragini being kidnapped and tries to solve the issue. They also get the CCTV footage from where Ragini went missing.

Sharmista finds a car in the video which she guesses might be of the kidnapper's. By rewinding the tape they also get to see Ragini's hands. Also the person who took the car was wearing a red shawl.

On the other hand, Ragini will be given water and food by the masked person. Ragini will be locked in a dark room and feels suffocated. Ragini tries to see the masked person, but she sees the person's hair and guesses that Swara is the one who kidnapped her.


Ragini apologises to Swara, thinking she kidnapped her. She asks her not to punish her, and release her. Unfortunately, the person leaves and Ragini tries to escape from the place.

Ragini Makes A Call To Shekar

Ragini tries to call her parents, but since there was no network, she couldn't call any. Later, she finds a way to escape, and unties herself.


She comes out of the kidnapper's den and tries to call her father. Fortunately, Shekar picks the calls and guesses where Ragini could be!


Ragini says that she is in an isolated place where she can see only tress. Shekar also hears the sound of ship. Swara guesses that Ragini might be near the port and runs to save her.

Swara With Police Reach The Spot

A person, who sees Ragini unconscious, runs to the police (who were on the way) to inform. Swara and others are shocked to see Ragini in that state. Swara cries, while Sanskar consoles her.

Ragini Blames Swara

In the upcoming episode, Ragini will blame Swara for her kidnap. She cries uncontrollably and tells Dadi that Swara was the one who kidnapped her!


On the other hand, Annapoorna also finds the same shawl that the kidnapper had, in Swara's cupboard. Now, she too, starts doubting Swara!

Sanskar With Police

Annapoorna also blames Swara for Ragini's kidnap. But Sanskar supports Swara by asking, ‘why is always Swara being questioned, when she will be the one who helps.' Sujatha also supports Sanskar. Annapoorna is now shocked as Sujatha changed sides!

Kidnapper's Car

According to the spoiler, the police will find the car and a wig near the car. The police doubts whether the person who kidnapped Ragini was a lady or a man!

Police Finds A Wig

Swara also finds something in the car, which also plays a significant role in tracing the kidnapper. Now, will the blame from Swara, go to Sanskar, as the suspect is a man, not a lady?

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