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Swaragini: Spoiler Alert: Swara To Sacrifice Her Love Lakshya For Ragini!

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In Swaragini, Swara (Helly Shah) and Lakshya (Namish Taneja) are happy that Lakshya's father Durgaprasad has accepted their love and is ready for their marriage. Swara's parents even go to Lakshya's home to finalise the marriage date. But why is Swara now sacrificing her love when she loves Lakshya?

In the recent episode, we saw Swara and Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) swapping their looks. Even Ragini is happy with the change as she wants to get Lakshya. Ragini thinks by becoming Swara, she can impress Lakshya. When Dadi asks about the latest developments, Ragini escapes by saying ‘she doesn't want the family members to miss Swara after she gets married and so she has become Swara'.

This doesn't go well with Dadi, but somehow Ragini impresses Dadi with her sweet words. Swara even says Ragini that she is perfect the way she looks, but Ragini's words prick Swara as she says, ‘if she was perfect, she would have got married first'.

Also when Lakshya comes to help with luggage, he finds Ragini in Swara's avatar. Thinking it to be Swara, he holds her hand and says all sweet words for Swara. Ragini likes Lakshya holding her hands, but shocks him by showing her face.

In the upcoming episode, Swara will get to know about Ragini's inclination towards Lakshya. Swara, Lakshya and Ragini goes to a pub, where Swara gets so much drunk that she dances with a man indecently. This doesn't go well with Lakshya, and Ragini too is shocked to see Swara's this avatar.

Little did Lakshya and Ragini know that Swara is sacrificing her love for her sister by portraying herself bad. Well, we must see where this sacrificing tale will end as Swara is pretending bad, and Ragini is trying to show Swara bad and also trying to impress Lakshya with her ‘Swara' avatar.

Read the spoilers in the slides...

Swara, Ragini, Lakshya

Ragini decides to get Lakshya back and with Sanskar she plans to change Swara and Lakshya's life forever.

Swara, Ragini

Ragini and Swara swap their looks. Ragini becomes Swara to impress Lakshya, while she changes Swara to Ragini saying now she has to be like how marwadis be as she is going to get married to Lakshya.


Even Lakshya get confused with Ragini's looks that he thinks her as Swara and holds her hand. Seeing Ragini in place of Swara, he is surprised.


Lakshya is happy as his marriage with Swara gets fixed.


Seeing Lakshya's marriage gettin fixed, Sanskar starts his drama and asks his mother for Kavita to get married. Who is Kavita and why Sanskar says Durgaprasad killed her?


Swara finds herself in a room, where police raid. She is shocked to see herself in unknown place. Since the police was known person, she will be saved.

Swara Sacrifice Her Love For Ragini

Swara gets to know Ragini still loves Lakshya and by behaving bad in the pub, Swara will try to prove she is bad and Ragini is good for Lakshya.

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