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Swaragini: Swara Leaves Maheshwari House; Lakshya & Sanskar Join Hands To Teach Ragini, A Lesson!

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In Swaragini, Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) is leaving no stone unturned to make the lives of Maheshwari house members, miserable. She has not only taken over the house, but also treating them very badly that, one wouldn't think of behaving like that even with their servants.

Even though Durga Prasad, Lakshya (Namish Taneja), Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) try to stop Ragini, she doesn't listen to anyone. She blackmails everyone spotting their weaknesses. Durga Prasad will be given a shock with his past by getting his ex-lover (singer) to the party. He will be told by Ragini that if he doesn't listen to what she says, she would reveal his secret!

Also, to Lakshya, she says that she will send him back to jail, if he ill-treats her or doesn't obey her orders. This will indirectly affect his mother Annapoorna, who is recovering from the attack.

So Lakshya and Durga Prasad are bound to act like how Ragini and Dadi say. On the other hand, Swara fights with Ragini, as she feels that Ragini can't take advantage of her! Unfortunately, Ragini knows her weakness, Sanskar!

Swara is in love with Sanskar and wouldn't have divorced him, even though he had signed the papers. Also, he doesn't accept Swara, which becomes an advantage for Ragini.

In the previous episodes, we saw how Ragini gets the society men to warn Swara. They give her five days' time to sign the papers and leave the house.

Dadi also asks Sumi to bring her daughter back home, but Sumi supports Swara as she knows Swara is in love with Sanskar.

On the other hand, Swara expresses her love for Sanskar, who rejects her saying he doesn't want her any more in his life, and to leave him alone! Swara is hurt and tells the same to Sumi, who asks her not to lose hope soon.

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Swara is in search of the lady (singer), who had come to the party. She wants to know her connection with Durga Prasad. She asks the photographer to get a clear photograph of the lady.


Swara gets the call from the photographer, but Ragini picks the call. Ragini gets to know that Swara is adamant on knowing about the lady and fears that her plan would become a failure, if Swara gets to know about the singer.

Swara In Ragini-Dadi's List

Ragini decides to send Swara home immediately, and plans to get Swara's signature. She asks Durga Prasad to get Swara's signature on the papers.

Durga Prasad-Swara

Durga Prasad, who is helpless, asks Swara to sign on the alimony papers, saying they are property papers and wants money by selling the property. Swara blindly believes him and signs on the papers, wherever he asks her to!

Ragini Traps Swara

Ragini shows the papers which said Swara demanding Rs 10 Crore alimony. Swara gets to know that Ragini had plotted against her and got her signatures in a tricky way.

Swara, Sanskar & Ragini

Swara cries and tries to make Sanskar understand that Ragini has trapped her. Ragini also hurts Swara by saying that she never loved Sanskar, but used him. Sanskar is hurt with Ragini's statement and asks Swara to leave.

Swara Promises To Be Back

With no other option left, Swara packs her bags and leaves the house. But before leaving, she promises that she will be back with the evidences. Well, we still can't believe, how Sanskar even thought Swara would ask for alimony!


After Swara leaves, Ragini's game gets too much to handle for the house members. Ragini makes Annapoorna work like a slave. She even throws water on Annapoorna's face!


This won't be liked by Lakshya and Sanskar. Sanskar, in turn, throws water on Ragini's face. But Ragini doesn't learn a lesson, and makes Annapoorna work even more, by asking her to wipe the floor!


Lakshya had already accepted the fact the Swara can't be back in his life. He also knows that Swara loves Sanskar. Lakshya had previously supported Sanskar and Swara too.


Ragini hurting Annapoorna makes Lakshya join hands with Sanskar to teach her a lesson. To know what they are planning against Ragini, stay locked to this space for more updates....

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