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Swaragini: Swara-Sanskar Get Closer; Ragini Gets Exposed, But May Escape Again!

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In Swaragini, Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) take help of women organisation to reunite Sumi and Shekar. The members of women organisation also Sumi to complain if Shekar or her mother-in-law tortures.

With no option left, Shekar and Dadi accept Sumi. Though Sumi enters Shekar's place, Dadi doesn't allow Sumi to rest peacefully and promises to torture. Shekar doesn't allow Swara to speak to Sumi, while Swara promises to bring the truth of Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar).

On the other hand, Sanskar falls in love with Swara and they get closer each day. Sanskar supports Swara in every mode of her life, which may also, in future make Swara to fall in love with Sanskar.

Swara finds Adarsh cheating on his wife as he meets some other woman. She also gets to know the place where they would meet and informs the same to Parineeta, who fumes on Swara.

Ragini turns the events to her side, by alerting Adarsh about Swara and family coming to the hotel room. Adarsh manages to escape from the scene as he acts like meeting his clients.

Ragini again screws up the situation for Swara and Maheshwari family start hating Swara more. Swara gets upset not because Ragini changed the events, but is unhappy that she is keeping Parineeta in dark.

Lakshya (Namish Taneja) is upset with Swara and also worried as he is not able to forget her. He will also show the anger on Ragini, who packs bags and keeps a condition of coming back only if he accepts her as his wife.


Dadi tortures Sumi as she doesn't want her to enter Shikar's life. She even threatens that she will make her life miserable.

Ragini Overhears

Ragini overhears Parineeta and Swara's conversation and alert Adarsh.

Ragini Calls Adarsh

Ragini calls Adash and tells him that Swara has doubt that he has an affair with a woman.


Maheshwari family is not ready to accept what Swara told and goes to the room where Adarsh was meeting the woman. But they will be shocked to see him with clients.


Swara is upset that Ragini is keeping Parineeta is dark by saving Adarsh.

Swara Falls On Sanskar

Swara falls on Sanskar when the latter tries to help her get up from the cot that got broken.


Sanskar who is in love with Swara get close with each passing day.


In the upcoming episode, when Lakshya blames that Swara and Sanskar's marriage was fake, Sanskar puts sindoor on Swara's forehead, even when Swara tries to stop him.

Ragini Giiven Medicine

Also, Ragini will be given a medicine that she had given previously to Swara to reveal the truth. Sanskar and Swara make Ragini reveal the truth herself.


Because of medicine Ragini will reveal the truth. She will tell how much Swara loved Lakshya and how Ragini ditched her by pushing her into river.

Lakshya Shocked

Laskhya will be shocked to hear all these and will blame Ragini for ruining his life.

Ragini Caught

Ragini even says Swara drugged her. When others say there is no such drug that makes people reveal truth, Ragini will blurt her truth saying she had drugged Swara and she knows there is such drug.

Oops, caught!!

But we all know Ragini... She will faint and may turn everything against Swara again!


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