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Swaragini: Swara-Sanskar, Ragini-Lakshya To Divorce; Swara Refuses To Accept Lakshya!

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In Swaragini, it is reunion time as Swara's (Helly Shah) parents get reunited. Swara always wanted her parent to be together, but Ragini's (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) wrong doings created trouble between their parents. Adding to this, Dadi too didn't want Sharmista to get back to Shekar.

Ragini's reality is in front of everybody now since Lakshya (Namish Taneja) gets the drama that happened in farmhouse recorded.

In the previous episode, we saw how Lakshya goes to Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) and Swara, and tells that he has doubt on Ragini. Lakshya even gets fake knife and tells about the whole drama to Sanskar and Swara.

Swaragini: Swara-Sanskar Finally Win; Whom Will Swara Choose Now - Sanskar or Lakshya?

As planned by Lakshya, Ragini comes to the farmhouse, where she has a heated discussion with Swara. Ragini also doubts about the video being recorded. But when she finds Lakshya hurt, she forgets everything and believes that Sanskar has really fought with Lakshya.

Lakshya acts like he hate Swara and Sanskar and loves Ragini. Sanskar stabs Lakshya and declares him dead. Swara, who acts upset with Lakshya's death, tells Ragini that it is her outcome of the evil deeds she did.

Swaragini: Ragini's Suicide & Memory Loss Drama In Front Of Swara To Gain Lakshya's Sympathy!

Ragini confesses her crimes. She losses her cool and takes the same knife that was used to kill Lakshya, and stabs Swara, saying Swara too doesn't has right to live.

The whole incident will be recorded and Lakshya gets up and faces Ragini. On asking the reason why she ditched everyone for love, Ragini gives excuses and tells none cared about her when Lakshya broke up with her. All were ready to accept Swara and didn't even think of Ragini's sentiments.

Lakshya tells Ragini that after all these, she won't be gaining any sympathy. He will reveal her real face in front of everyone. Lakshya calls Shekar, Sumi, Dadi to assemble in Maheshwari house.

Read the remaining story and spoilers in the slides...

Lakshya Plays Video

Lakshya plays the video and everybody at Maheshwari house are shocked to see Ragini's reality. When Dadi tells that this also would be a trick to trap Ragini by Swara and Sanskar, Lakshya tells, ‘No', as he himself is the witnessed to the truth.


Ragini doesn't utter a single word, while Swara is still concerned about Ragini, who played with her life. Swara previously would have asked to not to reveal the truth to family, but Lakshya refuses.


Now that all misunderstanding on Swara and Sanskar will be cleared. Dadi and Shekar apologise to Swara and Sumi.

Durga Prasad's Decision

None will utter word to Ragini as everyone are speechless. Durga Prasad will tell Annapoorana to take Ragini to her place and let her go back to her house the next morning.

Durga Prasad

He also adds that Lakshya will not be able to accept Ragini after all this drama and they will have to divorce.


On the other hand, Sanskar's mother Sujatha too asks Durga Prasad to get Swara and Sanskar divorced as they were married forcefully by Ragini.


Sanskar will be broken hearing this, while Swara shocked. While Durga Prasad agrees for Swara-Sanskar's divorce, it has to be seen if Swara signs on divorce papers.

Sumi-Shekar Reunite

Sanskar reunite Sumi and Shekar and tells them that this is what their daughter wanted.

Lakshya-Sanskar Look On

Swara greets everyone and leave Maheshwari house with Sumi-Shekar, while Lakshya-Sanskar look on.


In the upcoming episode, Lakshya asks Sanskar's favour to make him meet Swara ones, as he wants to apologise to her.


Ragini will be seen acting goody-goody now. Ragini tells Swara that Lakshya has always loved her, so reuniting them will free her from the sin.


Sanskar makes the duo meet, while Lakshya keeps his marriage proposal to Swara. According to the latest spoiler, Swara will not accept Lakshya.


Ragini overhears Swara and Lakshya and she feel hurt when Lakshya proposes Swara!


Is Ragini acting of being good? Will Swara accept Sanskar as she rejects Lakshya's proposal?

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