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Swaragini: Swara & Sanskar In Trouble; Will Sasural Simar Ka’s Simar Save Them?

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In Swaragini, Maheshwari family doubts Swara (Helly Shah) for kidnapping Ragini. Although, Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) has reached home safely, she seems to be scared of Swara as she was kept in an isolated place, which was very scary for her.

Though, Durga Prasad, Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) and Lakshya (Namish Taneja) support Swara, the proofs are against Swara. Durga Prasad also gives Swara, a chance to prove her innocence.

On the other hand, Lakshya believes that Sanskar is behind Ragini's kidnap as Sanskar behaved strange, when they got the proofs.

In the previous episode, we saw Sanskar dropping Devika to the market, but surprisingly, he watches Dayan Patalika (Meghna Naidu) dancing and plotting something in an isolated place. This makes Sanskar doubt Devika.

Sanskar even calls Swara to inform about the same. She asks him to be careful, while Simar enquires about Sanskar's behaviour, as she feels that he is in danger.

Sanskar again goes to the same place to confirm, but is shocked to see nothing. Later, he feels that he imagined things, and prefers not to tell anything to Swara, until he has confirmed things himself.

Swara and Simar are surprised to see Devika home and they ask where she had been. Sanskar too, joins the conversation. As he doubts Devika, he searches for proofs in her room, but she catches him!

Sanskar escapes by saying that he was searching for some files. But, Devika feels Sanskar doubts her, and she plans to divert him so that he doesn't interfere in her work.

Devika, through her powers, gets to know that Ragini can help her in diverting Sanskar's mind. Devika will create such a situation, where Ragini and whole family starts doubting Swara; and Sanskar gets busy helping Swara.


Sujatha asks Ragini to help her keep utensils in the store room. Seeing Ragini going towards the store room, Devika asks Swara to get pillows from the store room.

Masked Person

A masked person will follow Ragini to the store room and switches off the light. The person also tries to strangle Ragini, but Swara reaches on time.


Seeing Swara in the store room, the masked person escapes, while Ragini thinks Swara was the person who tried to kill her, and shouts. Sujatha reaches the place and blames Swara.


Ragini tells Annapoorna about the incident and Sujatha supports her. Simar comes to Swara's rescue, as she supports Swara. Also, Sanskar and Lakshya feel Swara doesn't lie and she can't even think of killing Ragini.

Swara With Police

Annapoorna asks the police to investigate the case. The police reach the venue to take Swara into their custody. They assure that they are not arresting Swara, but taking her for investigation.


Simar asks the police not to take Swara to the police station as she is innocent. Sanskar, who still stands with Swara, goes behind her. Devika is happy that her work is done as Sanskar will not disturb her anymore.

Sanskar In Trouble

But, Sanskar gets into trouble because of Patalika. According to the promo, Sanskar's car break fails, and he starts driving crazily.

Swara In Trouble

Sanskar will be driving towards Swara. He tries to stop the car, but will not be able to. Patalika is behind this accident. Simar will be shocked seeing this.

Will Simar Save Swara-Sanskar?

It has to be seen why Patalika targets Sanskar and Swara. Will Simar be able to save Swara from this accident?

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