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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Actual Reason Why Raman Gave Ishita His Company!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein had Rinki causing friction between Raman (Karan Patel) and his father, Om Prakash Bhalla, by exaggerating the fact that Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) was given Raman's company in his Will. After a massive fight between the family members, Raman explains to Ishita the actual reason why he gave his company to Ishita.

Recently, when Raman assumed he was going to die, he signs his final Will in which he would give his entire company to Ishita. This would not go down well with Rinki, who strongly thinks Mihir deserves it since he has worked so much for it. She expresses the same at Bhalla house, with generous words.

Raman's 'world famous temper' makes him inform Rinki that he will do what ever he wants with his company and that she nor anybody has a say on this. When she continues to raise her voice about how undeserving Ishita is for it, Raman asks her to leave his house. Raman's father, who was present there, will react violently at this point.

The situation goes out of everyone's hands and ends with everyone getting hurt, especially Raman and his father. While Mr. Bhalla starts to think negative about his son, Raman will be seen explaining to Ishita that the reason he gave her the company was because he felt she was the only person who will take care of his parents after his death.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's happy family is currently in a major crisis with friction between all the members of the family. Let's wait and watch how Ishita solves this issue and brings the family closer yet again.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein saw the Bhalla house having a major fall out, thanks to Rinki. The friction she causes because of the Will Raman wrote will end up causing a major issue between Raman and his entire family.

Rinki's Anger

After getting to know that Raman gave his entire company to Ishita, Rinki will get very angry and will be seen accusing Raman of being unfair.

Raman Loses Temper

Hearing Rinki's words, Raman loses his temper and ends up yelling at her. When she does not stop talking he asks her to leave his house.

Raman About To Slap Rinki

When Rinki does not show any sign of stopping, Raman almost slaps her but his father stops him from doing it.

Mr Bhalla Angry

Om Prakash Bhalla, who always showcases patience when it comes to his children will be seen losing his temper with Raman.

Rinki Continues To Accuse

Despite Mihir trying his best to stop her, Rinki will be seen forgetting any decorum and continues to accuse her brother of being unfair to Mihir.

More Accusations On Raman

More accusations will be thrown at Raman when his father accuses him of calling him useless and that he is taking care of everyone.

Raman Taken Aback

With his father too, accusing him of being selfish, Raman will be taken back for a while. He will be shocked to see his father speak to him this way.

Ishita Too Accused

Ishita too will be accused of being selfish and calling the house her own. Ishita will not be heard as well.

The Actual Reason

Raman will then be seen explaining to Ishita the actual reason why he gave her the company. He informs her that she is the only person he trusts, to take care of his parents.

Ishita Understands

Until now Ishita would not understand why Raman gave her the company and when he explains the reason why, she informs him that she cannot do anything without him.

More Fights At Home

The fights don't stop there. Om Prakash will continue the fights. He asks Neelu to cook separate food for him, Simmi and Romi whereas Ishita and Raman get different stuff.

Ishita Hurt

Ishita will be seen hurt with his words and will be seen crying at his hurtful words.

Ashok Behind This?

The upcoming episode will have Rinki meeting Ashok in secret. Does this mean Rinki's behaviour has something to do with Ashok?

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