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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Aditya In More Trouble With Ishita!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Aditya seems to be attracting a lot of trouble off late, even without Shagun around. After the issue with ACP Abhishek bringing him home from a busted party, Aditya gets caught with his girlfriend sneaking into the house behind her back, and by Ishima (Divyanka Tripathi)!

The latest track on Yeh Hai Mohabbatien has been dealing with Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita having issues dealing with a teenager. Aditya, who now has a girlfriend is under peer pressure and has been doing things he might not have otherwise.

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Recently, Adi had called his girlfriend, Vinie's mother pretending to be his father. And when he gets caught, he gets into trouble with Ishita more than with Raman. Following this Ishita would have scolded his friends, including Vivie, for leading him on bad behaviour.

Raman, on the other hand would have dealt with Adi like a friend by talking to him and even helping him out with the project he had to do with Vinie. Raman would have made Ishita, Simmi and Santoshi to go on a spa date so Adi can have Vivie over to do the project without Ishita knowing.

The plan will backfire on Adi when Ishita returns home to see Vivie and Adi running around in the living room. Ishita, who has a bad impression about Vinie will not be pleased with this. Let's wait and watch how the situation turns out on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein tonight.

Aditya In Trouble

Aditya is seen getting into a lot of trouble off late. After being brought home by ACP Abhishek after the busted party, he gets into more trouble for lying.

Ishita Worried

After Aditya gets caught for lying to his friend's mother, Ishita insists Raman that he talk to Aditya about what is good and that his behaviour is bad.

Raman Speaks

Raman talks to Aditya and realises that Ishita insulted his friends in his class including the ones who never did anything wrong.

Abhishek And Mihika

ACP Abhishek and Mihika start getting close to each other. When a maid steals in Mihika's house, he uses the excuse to get close to her.

Adi Apologises

Adi will make sure he apologises to Ishita. He says he was sorry he spoke rudely to her the previous day.


The science class will have Aditya and Vinie becoming partners to do a project. Vivie will volunteer to do it with Adi.

Adi Sees Trouble

Knowing Ishita is still not OK with the previous day, Adi hesitates about the project. He will agree to the partnership nevertheless.

Raman's Idea

When Aditya informs Raman about the project with Vinie, he informs him that he will take care of Ishita and that he can continue with the project.

Raman's Plan

Raman will send the ladies in the house, including Ishita, Simmi and Santoshi, to a spa date so Aditya can bring home Vinie.

Ishita Home

Ishita will return home when she would have forgotten something. She will discover Adi and the girl in his class playing around in the house.

Adi And Vinie

Adi and Vinie will be seen having fun at home since all the ladies will be out. Adi and Vinie will be shocked to see Ishita walk inside all of a sudden.

Raman In Trouble Or Adi?

Even though it was Adi who got caught red handed, it will be Raman who is at fault with Ishita. Let's see what happens.

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