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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Ashok Tries To Rape Mihika; Ishita, Mihir Save Her!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Ashok will be seen trying to rape Mihika for fooling about her pregnancy. Ishita, (Divyanka Tripathi), Simmi and Mihir, who happen to be at Mihika and Ashok's house save her from Ashok.

Until now, Mihika managed to fool Ashok claiming that she is carrying Mihir's child. Ashok who did not want his reputation ruined stayed away from her. But when he realised that Mihika was not pregnant at all and that she was only pretending to keep him away, he decides to teach her a lesson by forcing himself on her.

Mihir, Ishita and Simmi, who come to Ashok's house to talk about Ruhi's modeling contract will find Mihika trying to run away from Ashok as he was trying to rape her. While Simmi and Mihir beat the hell out of Ashok for it, Ashok stands ground claiming he has all rights as Mihika is his wife.

Ishita decides to file a complaint on Ashok after saving Mihika. While Mihir is in an utter dilemma after realising what exactly happened with Mihika, he also realises that he has nothing at hand as he is already married to Rinki now.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's spoilers say that Ishita will get Ashok thrown in jail but his brother Sooraj will, as usual, save him. Let's wait and watch how things will go on in the show.

Ashok Tries To Rape Mihika

The latest track of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has Ashok trying to rape Mihika and Ishita, Mihir and Simmi coming to save her and filing a complaint against him.

Ishita Comes To Know

Ishita comes to know that Shagun is trying to make Ruhi work. She will get extremely angry and decides to talk to Shagun immediately.

Mihir Too Joins

When Ishita informs Mihir that she is going to talk to Shagun about Ruhi's modeling, Mihir suggests there is no point talking to Shagun and that they have to talk to Ashok about this.

Ashok Forces Himself

After realising that Mihika fooled him Ashok decides to teach her a lesson by forcing himself on her. Mihika tries her best and escapes.

Ishita At Home

After running away from Ashok, Mihika comes to the living room to find Ishita and Mihir. She runs to them and asks for help.

Mihir Confused

Mihir, until now has been thinking Mihika was happily married to Ashok but he comes to know that Ashok was hurting Mihika.

Mihir Attacks Ashok

Mihir and Simmi who will be there will be attack Ashok and beat him to pulp. But Ashok informs them that Mihika is his wife and that he can do what ever he wants with her.

Ishita Complains

Ishita decides to file a complaint against Ashok and takes her to the police station. The police try to explain to them that it is a case of family dispute and needs to be settled by discussion.

Mihika Silent

Mihika still will be in shock when the police try to push the case as a family dispute. Ishita defends her and makes sure the case is filed against Ashok.

Ishita Wins

When Ishita declares that the police have no choice but to file a complaint, she will decide to fight them and make then take the case nevertheless.

Mihir And Mihika

When Mihir realises what actually had happened with Mihika and why she had married Ashok, Mihir comes to comfort her and show his support.

Mihika And Mihir Hug

Mihika and Mihir hug each other forgetting what all had transpired between them the whole time. Mihika will be comforted by Mihir's assurance that everything will be alright now.

Mihir's Love

Now that Mihir knows that it was all a mistake that happened between Mihika and Ashok, will they consider getting back together?

Rinki - Mihir

Rinki sees Mihir hugging Mihika. Will this latest track have Rinki finding it difficult to accept that Mihir still loves Mihika?

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