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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishima Stops Jhakad From Slapping Aditya! [PHOTOS]

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein viewers have seen Ishima (Divyanka Tripathi) protect her two kids with her life previously on the show, during the earthquake and fire scenario; this time when the threat comes in the form of Mr. Jhakad, she did not hesitate to stand between him and Aditya.

Aditya, who previously got into trouble when he pretended to be Raman to get Vinie come to a party, did no wrong when he and Jhakad's daughter, Vinie, decided to watch an action film which happens to be suitable for 18+ only. Jhakad, who walks in just when the disclaimer is on the screen and starts to threaten to call police.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita Apologises To Raman And Aditya!

Just when things were settled between Aditya and his parents, the new issue frightens him to death. Jhakad calls Raman and threatens to call the police if he does not keep his son away from his daughter, but it will be Ishita on the other side of the phone, who runs to the place for Aditya.

Jhakad will be in no mood to listen to his daughter nor Aditya or hear out what they have to say. When he threatens to hit his daughter for all this, Aditya tries to stop and explain to him that it was not Vinie's fault. This will get Jhakad very angry and he even attempts to slap Adi.

Ishita, who had been watching the whole situation, will lose her cool at this point of time. She would have seen how Jhakad had been treating his daughter and Adi silently, but when he tries to hurt Adi, she will put herself between them.

Jhakad will be shocked to see Ishita stop him and threaten him that he dare not touch her son. Ishita will warn him off and informs Adi that he does not have to give explanation to anyone but his parents and takes him away.

Ishima Protects Aditya Again

Ishima puts herself between harm and Aditya on the show. After the fire accident and earthquake, Ishita saves Aditya from Jhakad this time.

Santoshi Goes South-Indian

Santoshi tries her best to make Vanditha not miss her mother. She dresses up like a South-Indian to welcome Vanditha and her baby home.

Welcome Vanditha

Vanditha, Bala and the baby come home after the delivery. With Santoshi's special welcome, everyone will be very happy about it as well.

Baby Is Home

With Vanditha's baby home, everyone will be seen in a joyous mood. Including Shravan everyone will be seen celebrating.

Baby Crying

The baby will be crying non-stop and everyone try their best to make it stop crying. Ishita, Toshi, Bala and everyone try their best to stop it but fail.

Raman Puts Her To Sleep

When everyone fail to put the baby to sleep, it will be Raman who manages to put the baby right to sleep without much effort, surprising everyone.

Abhishek - Romi

When Romi gets a call informing Sarika was in the hospital, he rushes to catch her but fails. Abhishek who will be at the hospital at the time finds out that Romi was searching for Sarika too.

Aditya And Vinie

Aditya and Vinie will decide to watch a movie together at her place. They play the movie which so happens to be an action movie for people of age 18+.

Vinie's Dad, Mr Jhakad

Vinie's dad Mr Jhakad arrives just when the disclaimer 18+ will be on screen. He starts to shout at the duo and threatens to inform his parents about this.

Jhakad Calls Raman

Jhakad calls Raman and informs him that Aditya is at his place and that he is not happy about it. He informs on the phone that he is going to call the police.

Ishita Gets The Call

With Raman sleeping, Ishita receives the call only to discover Jhakad threatening to call the police on Aditya. She gets shocked and runs to his place.

Angry Jhakad

Jhakad will be seen in a bad mood scolding his daughter for hanging out with a boy like Aditya. He tries to hit her when Aditya tries to stop him.

Jhakad Slap Aditya

When Aditya tries to stop him from hitting Vinie, he turns to slap him instead. He will raise his hand to slap Adi to get halted by Ishita.

Ishita Stops Jhakad

Ishita stops Jhakad from touching Aditya. Aditya will be seen scared to death with the turn of events. She will stop Jhakad from slapping Adi.

Ishita Warns Jhakad

Ishita warns Jhakad and threatens him if he tries to come close to her son. She says she has seen the way he is treating the kids and she does not want him anywhere around her son.

Aditya Worried

Aditya will be seen worried to death when Jhakad tries to hit him. He will be seen crying continuously from all the threats Jhakad makes at him.

Ishita's Ire

Ishita warns Jhakad to stay away from her son and dare not come near him. She informs Aditya to never explain himself to anyone but his parents.

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