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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita And Ruhi Are Safe, NOT Dead!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Ruhi run away to escape Shagun from separating them. Following this Raman gets a call informing possible dead bodies of the two being found. But, it is not Ishita and Ruhi's and they are still safe.

Raman's mistake in signing Ruhi's custody away to Shagun in exchange for Aditya's has created a lot of mess in their lives. Ishita unable to rectify the situation without the courts operating for the weekend gets helpless. Ishita panics thinking about Shagun taking away Ruhi from her and decides to leave the house rather than waiting until they get separated.

Shagun, Raman and the rest of the household will start their search to find the mother and daughter duo, but with Ishita manages to reach the airport without any trouble. While Ishita will be doing her best to escape from Delhi, Raman gets a call informing dead bodies of a lady and child being found. But turns out it is not Ishita and Ruhi.

Meanwhile with Shagun filing a complaint against Ishita, the police start their search to find them. Their search reaches the airport where Ishita and Ruhi are present.

The upcoming sequence will have Ishita trying her best to hide Ruhi and herself from the police. During this she will run into Sarika, but she will help Ishita escape and not get her caught. Ishita will reach Mumbai but will continue to face trouble one after other. Bookmark the /television/ to get all the spoilers of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

Ishima And Ruhi Are Safe

Ishima and Ruhi have managed to leave Delhi when Raman will be given information that they might be dead.


In order to escape Shagun taking Ruhi away from her Ishita will decide to leave the city along with Ruhi.

Reach Airport

Ishita and Ruhi manage to reach airport without much difficulty but their troubles start once they reach.

Ishita Hides Ruhi

Shagun would have filed a case against Ishita for kidnapping her daughter Ruhi. Ishita hides Ruhi from police.

Runs Into Sarika

Ishita will run into Sarika in the airport when she will be hiding from the police. Sarika will help Ishita out in hiding and escaping.

Reach Mumbai

Ishita and Ruhi manage to reach Mumbai. Outside, however, they will face more difficulties.

Both In Trouble

Ishita and Ruhi, both will face difficulties when trying to escape. They will not feel safe and even get almost killed on the road.

Ishita Gets Hurt

Ishita gets hurt when they land in Mumbai. Luckily, they will be found by Mihika, who will help them out.

Mihika Tries To Convince Ishita

Mihika tries to convince Ishita about her situation. Ishita will not be in a position to take any risk concerning her daughter.

Mihika And Ruhi

When Ishita refuses to accept Mihika's help, she will persuade Ruhi to change her mind.

Ishita And Ruhi

Raman will realise that the dead bodies that are found are not that of Ishita and Ruhi and that they are safe away from everything.

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