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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Spoiler: Ishita To Save The Day Yet Again For Raman!

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India's ideal ‘bahu', Ishita aka Divyanka Tripathi of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, will yet again solve the complicated situation the Bhalla house is in currently, on the show. She will save the day along with Raman's (Karan Patel) by joining hands with her mother-in-law, Santoshi.

The current track on the show has Raman and Ishita becoming the villains in the eyes of their own family members over a misunderstanding. Topped by Raman's anger issues, which manifests through hurtful words and actions, especially towards his loved-ones, the issue has reached such a point that both Ishita and Raman have left the Bhalla house.

Santoshi, who had been on a pilgrimage, has returned home to find her family split into pieces. She will be seen slapping Raman for behaving rudely with his father and even throws in a few words to her beloved daughter-in-law, Ishita.

Ishita will then be seen trying to make Santoshi see the misunderstanding and seeking her help to sort out the issue without any delay. The upcoming sequence on the Star Plus' favourite show, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, will have Ishita and Santoshi joining hands to solve the riddle their family have become currently.

Petty Issues

It started with a petty issue when Aditya makes Rohit, Sarika and Romi's son cry by mistake. Sarika ends up slapping Aditya my mistake.

Raman Enters The Scene

Raman enters when Sarika accidentally slaps Aditya. Raman will then speak rudely to Sarika which will in turn make Romi react.

Raman And Ishita

Despite Ishita's efforts, Raman will have a fight with Romi and Sarika. He will speak rudely with Romi as usual which will bring an angry Mr. Bhalla into the picture.

Romi Defends Sarika

When Raman would have defended Ishita, Romi will feel he needs to defend his own family and stands alongside Sarika after Raman insults her.

Raman Silenced

When Mr. Bhalla enters the scene, Raman and Romi try to explain themselves. He listens to Romi and supports Sarika but will not give Raman a chance to speak.

Raman Decides To Leave House

When nobody listen to Raman and everyone misunderstands him, Raman declares that he is leaving the house and everyone can live happily hereafter.

Raman Leave With Family

Raman will make Ishita, Aditya and Ruhi pack their bags and leave the Bhalla house since he is not given his due respect.

Ishita's Father

Ishita's father, Mr Iyer, will stop Raman, Ishita, Aditya and Ruhi to ask them to stay over at his place for the night. Raman accepts the offer.

Everyone Upset

After Raman and his family leaves, Mr. Bhalla, Romi and Sarika will be seen upset and even skipping dinner. Mr Bhalla will be seen crying since his family split.

Raman Upset Too

Raman too will be upset and crying after leaving the house since his family has always supported him.

Toshi Returns

Santoshi will return home after her trip. She will be seen excited to meet her family again. She repeatedly asks for Raman and Ishita.

Mr Bhalla Informs Her

Mr Bhalla will then inform her that Raman and Ishita have left the house due to many issues. Upcoming sequence will have Santoshi slapping Raman for everything.

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