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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman To Kiss Ishita After She Beats Shagun In Race!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Raman (Karan Patel) will be seen giving Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) a kiss for beating Shagun at the race. Everyone's favourite mother, Ishima, will be winning at the running race for mothers at Ruhi's sports meet.

Ishita wins the race despite the number of hurdles Shagun throws at her. Realising Ishita might win the race, Shagun will be seen pushing her so she will lose her balance and fall. Ishita, despite this, would come victorious by leaving Shagun behind.

Raman, who would be extremely worried for Ishita, even before the race begins, would be so impressed with Ishita that he will be seen giving her a kiss the same way she would have given him when he was about to leave to office.

Shagun's plan to separate Raman and Ishita failed miserably and now her attempt to separate Ruhi from her Ishima would go down the drain as well. Shagun would have expected Ishita to back off from the race when she comes to know she was competing. Contrary to what she thought, Ishita to compete alongside her.

Shagun would take it lightly as she thinks Ishita will trip and fall over her saree. Ishita would shock everyone including Raman by coming for the race in her tracks and T-shirt to win as Ruhi's mother.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will see Ishita winning the race and a kiss from Raman along with putting Shagun in her place.

Ishita Wins Race And A Kiss

Ishita will be seen winning the race along with a kiss from Raman. Shagun would trip Ishita and make her fall for she wins the race, but Ishita would beat her nonetheless.

Ishita Enters The Race

Ishita would decide to enter the race alongside Shagun when she realised she was trying to keep her aside from the race.

Shagun Shocked

Shagun, who believed Ishita will give up and sit aside from the race, will get a shock when she gives her name alongside her in the race.

Ruhi Requests

When both Shagun and Ishita try to participate in the race as Ruhi's mother, it will be Ruhi who will convince the teachers to let them both participate.

Raman Angry

When Raman realises Shagun is competing with Ishita he would get angry assuming she will lose since she will run in her saree.

Everyone Shocked

When everyone would assume that Ishita will lose since she will compete in her saree, she will shock everyone by entering the stadium in her tracks.

Ishtia In Tracks

Ishita will be seen shocking everyone by entering the race in her tracks. Everyone in the family and especially Shagun will be shocked to see her.

Shagun Not Pleased

Shagun would until then be in the belief that even if Ishita competes she will be losing running in her saree. But when Ishita walks in her tracks she would not be pleased.

Ishita Gives It Back

While until now Ishita would have taken Shagun's tactics sportingly. She would decide to beat her in the race and teach her a lesson.

The Race

Ishita and Shagun compete in the race and while Shagun finds it difficult to keep up, Ishita will be seen running with ease. Shagun would get worried and trips Ishita.

Ishita Falls

Shagun, scared Ishita will win the race will trip her and make her fall. Ishita would take a bad falls and everyone would assume she is out of the race.

Ruhi Shocked

Ruhi would be shocked to see her Ishima take such a bad fall. But Ishita would get back up and finishes her race winning it for Ruhi.

Family In Shock

Everyone in the family too will be shocked to see Ishita fall during the race. Especially Raman would be very worried for Ishita.

Raman Kiss Ishita

Raman would get very impressed with Ishita for winning the race even after falling badly because of Shagun. He would kiss her in front of everyone.

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