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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: OMG! Raman To Commit Suicide; Sarika To Take Ishita's Place In Bhalla House?

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In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Shagun's (Anita Hassanandani) truth was finally revealed infront of Raman and his family. The latest episode started with Raman (Karan Patel) confronting Ishita.

He told her that she has broken his faith and trust. Abhishek enters. Raman scolds him too. Ishita requests him to go inside and talk. Raman sarcastically says that when she could act possessed in front of everyone, she should say whatever she has to say in front of everyone.

The entire Bhalla family cries. Ishita sobs and explains that she did all the drama to save Raman from Ashok's evil plans. She tells everyone how Ashok threatened to kill their children and how the informer kept updating Ashok about every activity in the house.

Raman ridicules Abhishek for being a part of the story, despite being a police officer. Raman was in deep shock and kept on accusing Ishita for playing with everyone's emotions and feelings. He even goes to the extent of saying that their relationship is over now.

Everyone leaves from the place. Adi tries consoling Ishita. Sarika calls Ashok and tells him everything that happened in the house. Ashok tells her his plan and asks her not to commit any mistake.

Sarika knocks at Raman's door and asks him to eat something. Raman is drunk. Sarika mixes some powder in Raman's juice and gives it to him. She then goes downstairs to call Ashok and tells him that the work is done.

Romi scolds Sarika for being busy over the phone all day long. He asks her to take care of his family in such difficult times.

In the upcoming episode, we will see, Ishita knocking at Raman's door and pleads him to talk to her. Romi pushes the door and they get shocked seeing Raman lying on the ground, unconscious. For further updates, check the slideshow below...

Sarika Poisons Raman's Drink

Following Ashok's orders, Sarika mixes something in Raman's juice. Raman, unaware of her intentions, drinks the juice.

Ishita Finds Raman Unconscious

Ishita knocks at Raman's door and asks him to talk to her once. When Raman does not respond, Romi and Ishita break open the door and are shocked to find Raman lying on the ground unconscious.

Raman Attempts Suicide?

Raman is completely shattered and broken over Ishita's lies and betrayal. He locks himself in his room and takes to drinking. He attempts suicide. But is it really a suicide?

Mrs. Bhalla

Mrs. Bhalla is hurt by Raman's act. She accuses Ishita for bringing pain to Raman's life. She holds Ishita responsible for all the nuisance in Raman's life.

Mrs. Bhalla Drives Ishita Out

Mrs. Bhalla is angry with Ishita for what she did to the Bhalla family, especially, to Raman. She becomes very upset and asks Ishita to leave the house.

Mrs. Bhalla Throws Shagun Out

Mrs. Bhalla accuses both Shagun and Ishita for all the problems the family is facing. She also throws Shagun out of the house.

Mrs. Bhalla Is Heartbroken

Mrs. Bhalla is also heartbroken after driving Ishita out of the house because Ishita was her beloved daughter-in-law. She considers Ishita as her daughter and not daughter-in-law.


After being driven out of the Bhalla house, Ishita will go to her Amma. However, Amma scolds her for what she has done. She will shut the door at Ishita's face saying that the doors of the house are closed for her.


On seeing Ishita being thrown out of the house, Sarika is happy and has an evil grin on her face. What is the next plot going to be like? Will Sarika start ruling the Bhalla house and take over Ishita's place?

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