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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi, Aditya Back To Ishita, Raman, Finally!

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Finally in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Ruhi and Aditya have come home to Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel), all thanks to Sujata and Bala who brought everything to perspective with their plan of kidnapping Ruhi.

When Ruhi goes missing from her school, Shagun and Ishita will be presented with the same clue, but it will be Ishita who knows Ruhi might not have misplaced her favourite pencil by mistake and that it might be a clue to find her. Ishita will find a chain of clues which will lead her to a house, where she will find her daughter.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi Kidnapped By Sujata And Bala?

As Filmibeat.com had predicted previously that it might be Sujata and Bala who might have something to with Ruhi missing, it turns out right and it will be Sujata and Bala who would have done this to make Ruhi realise how much her Ishima loves her and how it was her misunderstanding that she does not want her anymore.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Ishima, Divyanka Tripathi, Partying In Little Black Dress!

Shagun after finding Ruhi back to Ishita and refusing to come back with her, she tries to take Aditya away with her again. But this time both Raman and Ishita stand their ground and refuse to give in to her demands. Finally Aditya and Ruhi are home and living happily with their parents, Ishita and Raman.

Ruhi Goes Missing

After the essay competition, Raman and Shagun find that Ruhi has gone missing and that a lady took her away not long ago. Raman panics and informs his family about this.

Ishita Reaches School

As soon as Ishita gets to know that Ruhi has gone missing she will rush to the school along with Mihika. She will search around while Shagun stands defensive.

Ishita Finds Clues

At the school, Ishita finds Ruhi's favourite pencil and figures Ruhi might not have have dropped them by mistake. She takes them as clues that might help her find Ruhi.

Bala And Sujata

It will after all be Bala and Sujata who would have taken Ruhi away with them. Romi too finds out Ruhi is with Bala when he calls the latter to inform about his doubts about Sujata.

Ishita Finds More Clues

Ishita and Mihika find more clues which they assume is a chain of clues that Ruhi has left behind for her to find her. Ishita will find Ruhi's clip and hankie which can only belong to Ruhi.

Ishita Finds A House

Ishita will finally find her last clue which ends on the steps of a house. Ishita and Mihika waste no time to check and they will find Ruhi there with Sujata and Bala.

Ruhi Back Home

Ishita will bring Ruhi home along and will be proud of how she left the clues for Ishita. The entire family will be happy to see Ruhi and Ishita back together.

Sujata's Plan

It will all be Sujata's plan to take Ruhi away and leave a trail of clues for her Ishima to find her. It will be her attempt to make Ruhi realise that Ishita loves her very much.

Ruhi Backfires At Shagun

Ruhi will be in the opinion that Ishita does not love her anymore, as Shagun would have repeatedly told her this. But when she realises how much her Ishima loves her, she calls Shagun's bluff.

Aditya Back Home

Aditya too comes back home from his summer camp and will be received with love from his family members. Aditya will hug everyone expect Shagun.

Shagun Disappointed

When Shagun sees Aditya she will express her happiness and tries to hug him, but Aditya will not give much importance and moves onto hugging others.

Aditya Worried

After Aditya ignores Shagun, she tries to take Ruhi home with her. Raman and Ishita will not let her take her and so Shagun declares that she will take Aditya if not.

Ishita Stands Ground

This time around, Ishita refuses to budge and stands her ground and refuses to let Shagun take Aditya or Ruhi away from their family.

Shagun Vs Ishita

When Ishita manages to keep both Aditya and Ruhi at home, Shagun declares that she will not rest until she gets her revenge.

Ruhi-Ishima Back Together

Finally, Ruhi and her beloved Ishima are back together. They had been away from each other for the longest time and they are finally back together.

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