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Here's How Ishima Finds And Saves Ruhi-Aditya: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Spoiler!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Ishima (Divyanka Tripathi) is currently searching for her kids - Ruhi and Aditya. The upcoming episode will see how she manages to find them and save them because they will be facing not only a fire accident but also an earthquake following that.

Ishita was seen figuring out that the kids might be with Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) since she was at Simmi's engagement and the kids might not have gone away with anyone without creating any noise. Also, she will find out that Shagun took a taxi to a service apartment.

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The upcoming episode will see Aditya 's life in danger due to a blast that takes place in their apartment because of the gas leak in the kitchen. Shagun, reportedly will not be able to save her kids not wanting to take any chance with the fire. Ishita who reaches the place at the right time will see Aditya in danger and jumps into the kitchen to save him risking her own life.

Ishita will be seen managing to bring Aditya and Ruhi to safety as well, but the fire accident will be followed by an earthquake that will again put them in danger. Yet again, Ishita will manage to bring the kids to safety but ends up getting trapped under a building.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's high voltage drama has kept the viewers glued to the small screens until now and this nail biting sequence will have them palpitating for their most-loved on-screen characters to survive the catastrophe that takes place.

Ishita Saves The Day

Ishita will not only save the kids from a fire accident she will also manage to save them from the earthquake that follows. But, she will end up putting her life to risk.

Ruhi Crying

Ruhi will be seen crying profusely when she realises she was going to spend the night with Shagun. She crying unable to sleep without Ishita.

Aditya Consoles

Aditya will be seen consoling Ruhi, trying to make her understand that it was the matter of just one night and that they can go back home the next day.

Ishita, Raman Call For Ruhi, Adi

Ishita and Raman, who had planned to spend a night alone, will think of calling Ruhi and Aditya at home only to realise that they were missing.


Everyone at the Bhalla house start to panic. Everyone would have assumed Ruhi and Adi were with Raman and Ishita only to realise they thought the same about them.

Ashok Blackmails Raman

Ashok will be seen making a man call Raman and ask for a ransom in return for their children. Everyone believe the man has the kids.


Raman agrees to pay the ransom without thinking twice about it. He will arrange a crore rupees to get his kids back.

Ashok's Diversion

It will all be Ashok's plan to just divert the Bhalla family so Shagun to maker her escape unnoticed.

Ishita Panics

Ishita along with everyone else will be seen panicking worrying about the kids in the hands of the kidnappers.

Raman Worried Too

Raman says he is worried about the kids too but he will not let any harm come in their way. He will assure Ishita that he will find them asap.

ACP Abhishek

Raman will not want to involve the police but when the kidnapper asked for the ransom, Mihika and Simmi would have approached ACP Abhishek for help.

Ishita Gets Clues

Ishita searches for Shagun when she realises she was at the engagement ceremony. When she does not find her there, she enquires to find that she took a taxi to a service apartment.

Raman Leaves With ACP

Raman will be seen leaving with the police officer to give the money the kidnapped asked for.

Shagun Leaves Gas On

Shagun will be seen leaving the gas open and leaving the kitchen to talk on the phone. Her mistake will be seen putting her son Adi in danger later.

Shagun - Ashok

Shagun will get the required tickets from Ashok to fly to Mumbai and then to Australia. She would have left the gas open to come talk to him.

Aditya In Kitchen

Aditya will enter the kitchen to make some milk and tries to switch on the gas. The gas leak that Shagun caused will result in a blast.

Ishita Saves Adi

Ishita will reach the place in time to save Aditya from the fire. She will risk her life to jump into the fire to save him.

Ishita To Save Kids

Ishita will be seen saving the kids from the fire that is caused due to gas leak. She will risk her life to save them.

Ishita Risks Life

Ishita will not hesitate to risk her life to save the kids while Shagun will fail to do it.


Following the fire, there will also be an earthquake that will again put them in danger. Ishita will save the kids again but ends up under a building.

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