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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Spoiler: Ishita Is Sick, To Leave Raman, Ruhi, Adi Soon!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's latest spoilers say the love story of Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) will take a bad turn before the show takes a leap soon. It is said that Ishita and Raman will get separated and Shagun will take Ishita's place at the Bhalla house.

The reports making rounds say that post the upcoming leap, the show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will have some shocking changes. Ishita will soon be diagnosed with Tuberculosis and she will decide to replace herself with Shagun in Raman and their children's lives and leave to Australia with Subbu.

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Raman and Ishita, who are said to consummate their marriage very soon, are said to have very rocky road ahead of them. Ishita, who loves her family very much will reportedly decide to separate herself from them when she realises she has an illness which might kill her.

Ishita will contact Shagun, who had left them for the sake of her children's happiness, and ask her to take her place at the Bhalla house as Raman's wife and the mother of Ruhi and Aditya. Ishita will then leave Raman, the children and the Bhalla house to leave to Australia.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Raman and the others will be made to assume that Ishita cheated on him with Subbu and left them to live a happy life in Australia. Please know that there are no official confirmations about this spoiler.

Raman And Ishita To Get Separated

The latest spoilers say the happy couple Raman and Ishita will get separated soon. It is said that Ishita will be diagnosed with Tuberculosis and decide to leave everyone.

Currently On The Show

Currently on the show, Subbu's secret and the reason why he had targeted the Bhalla house is out. He revealed to everyone the reason behind his anger.

Subbu's Wife

Subbu's wife will be told by people around her that Subbu was having an affair with his colleague. While initially she believed in him she eventually started believing he was cheating on her.

Person Behind It

Subbu will reveal to everyone what made his wife jump off the building and kill herself. He tells everyone he was innocent and the person who killed his wife was a Bhalla.


Subbu tells everyone that the person who kept feeding his wife doubts about him that made her kill herself eventually was none other than Santoshi.

Ishita Shocked

Ishita and the rest of the family will be shocked to hear what Toshi had ended up doing. Toshi would have got herself involved in their matter which turned deadly.

Toshi Hurt Laxmi

Toshi would have met Laxmi repeatedly to accuse her husband of ruining another girl's life. While Laxmi defended Subbu initially, she eventually started to believe them.

Toshi Unaware

Toshi informs everyone that she did not know her words would end up killing the innocent. She will confess that she only wanted to let her know what sort of a person Subbu was.

Toshi Regretting

Toshi will be seen regretting her behaviour. She will be seen hurting having ruined the lives without even knowing it.

Ishita Tries To Help Toshi

Ishita tries to help Toshi by consoling her. She tries to make her believe that it was not her fault Neha lied about Subbu.

Visit Subbu

Seeing Toshi hurting so much Ishita suggests to talk to Subbu and sort out the issue. They come to Subbu to talk to him and apologise.

Toshi Apologise

Toshi will give her apologies to Subbu. She informs him that all she knew was that she was trying to make Laxmi teach her husband a lesson for ruining Neha's life.

Subbu Stubborn

Subbu will be seen stubborn and not letting go of the issue. He will refuse to forgive Toshi for what she had done to his life.

Eventually Forgives

With Ishita explaining to him that Laxmi would not want him to hold grudges against others and instead forgive and lead a happy life.

Subbu Apologises To Simmi

Subbu will be seen apologising to Simmi. Simmi will inform him that she forgives him but will never forget his betrayal her whole life.

Simmi Moving On

Simmi will be seen moving on from the Subbu issue. She will also be seen talking about starting her own business.

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