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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Spoiler:Devoted Wife Ishita To Walk On Burning Coals For Raman

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The recent episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein opened up, with Ashok's informer trying to kill Ruhi in her school. Ruhi gets scared and runs. Shagun enters the locker room where the killer is already present, wearing Ishita's saree and holding a knife.

Shagun is shocked seeing her. The informer sees Shagun, and flees. Shagun picks up the knife. Ruhi thinks it was Shagun who was trying to kill her. Raman arrives. Ruhi hugs him and cries.

She asks Raman to save her from Shagun. Raman runs after her, but is unsuccessful in catching hold of her. Raman comes home and questions Ishita on where she had been all day long. Ishita says she wasat her clinic. However, Raman is not convinced.

He calls up her clinic and comes to know that Ishita did not go to the clinic. He wonders why Ishita is lying. Neelu gets Ishita's items from the car and Raman sees the burqa. He goes to Ishita and questions about the same. Ishita denies knowing anything about it.

Shagun informs Ishita about the entire episode at Ruhi's school. Ishita gets panicky and sobs saying that Ashok has attacked her biggest weakness, Ruhi. Ishita is furious. Some Baba is waiting for Raman at his office.

The Baba says that he is there to help Raman and his family. Raman is puzzled thinking about all the recent happenings. Baba tells him that, even if Ruhi has seen her dead mother's face, the spirit is getting more powerful with each passing day.

He pushes Raman to get Ishita to the temple. He says may be The Almighty could help them get out of this situation. Raman enquires if it would be painful for Ishita. Baba nods.

Raman says that Ishita has been in a lot of pain lately, and he does not want her to suffer more. Baba leaves and Raman cries thinking about Ishita.

In the upcoming episode we will see Raman trying to convince Ishita to take the bold step to get rid of Shagun's spirit. For further updates and spoilers, check the slides....


Ashok has hatched a conspiracy against Raman as he wants to break Raman's trust on Ishita and show that she is lying about Shagun's death.


Sarika is helping Ashok in destroying Raman's life as the former is blackmailing her, by using her secret. Sarika is the one who tries to kill Ruhi, wearing Ishita's saree.

Raman And Ishita

Raman takes Ishita to the Rajasthan temple. Ishita will be kept locked in a room. She cries a lot and talks to the tantric Baba.


Ishita tries convincing the tantric that she is doing all this drama just to save her husband. However, he does not believe her words and thinks it to be the spirit talking.

Agni Pariksha

Ishita is forced by the tantric to walk on burning coals. Being the devoted wife that she is, Ishita agrees for the same. This is Ashok's plan again.


Raman is shattered seeing Ishita in pain. But he will get to know about Ishita and Shagun's plan. However, it would have been too late, by then. Raman will be upset with Ishita.

New Trouble For Shagun And Ishita

As already revealed, Shagun and Ishita will fall prey to Ashok's new plan. They will have to fight with a mighty crocodile, to get back safe. How will Raman be able to save Ishita?

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