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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Spoiler: Ruhi To Misbehave With Ishita, Hurt Her!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's latest spoilers say that Ruhi, the beautiful innocent and loving daughter, will be seen misbehaving with her Ishima (Divyanka Tripathi) while Raman (Karan Patel) looks on helpless.

As we all know, Ishita gets convinced by Raman to let Ruhi live with Shagun for a while so that Aditya gets to live with his family finally. Though heartbroken, Ishita agrees to this breaking Ruhi's trust. Ruhi, who believed her Ishima will not let her stay away from her gets betrayed when she realises in court that she is OK to let her live with Shagun.

Following this, Ruhi will decide to act out. She will be seen throwing insults at her Ishima and saying that she does not love her any more and that she is not her real mother at all and that Shagun is.

Spoilers say that Ishita and Raman try to make Ruhi understand the situation and not hate her in the upcoming sequence. But Ruhi will inform her that she is not her mother and that she behaves the same way with anyone and that she is still angry and can't not be.

While Ishita's heart shatters into a million pieces, Raman will stand aside and witness this helplessly. Shagun, on the other hand, is happy that Ruhi is talking in such a way to Ishita. Let's wait and watch Yeh Hai Mohabbatein to see how this takes place.

Meanwhile, currently on the show...

Ruhi To Hurt Ishima

Ruhi, who was sent to live with Shagun, is angry with her Ishima and is not holding back in showing it. Spoilers say she will be hurting her in the upcoming sequence.

Shravan - Ruhi

When Shravan approaches Ruhi and asks her to meet Ishita, Shagun will be seen getting tensed. Ruhi refuses to talk to Ishita.

Ishita Sees Ruhi

When Ishita comes to know that Ruhi is in the same restaurant, she gets excited to see and talk to her. She searches for her and tries to talk to her.

Ruhi Emotionless

Ruhi and Ishita see each other, while Ishita is glad and happy to see Ruhi, she will not look pleased to see her Ishima.

Ishita Calls Ruhi

Ishita calls Ruhi to come talk to her. She will convey her emotions to Ruhi but will not get the same reaction from the other side.

Ruhi Leaves

Ruhi almost comes to Ishita but then decides to leave. Ruhi will ask Shagun to take her home immediately.

Ishita Hurt

Ishita will get shocked to see Ruhi's reaction. Though she knows it is understandable that Ruhi is angry on her, she will not be able to control her emotions and will be seen breaking down.

Mihika Drugged

Mihika falls for Ashok and Suraj's trick and agrees to get a vaccination. Turns out, she will be drugged to get her aborted.

Suraj Informs Ashok

Suraj will manage to successfully drug Mihika and get a doctor agree to perform abortion on her. Mihika will be taken to a hospital to get aborted.

Mihika Not Pregnant

The doctor who treats Mihika will inform Suraj and Ashok that she is not pregnant in the first place to abort the baby.

Ashok Shocked

Ashok and Suraj realise that Mihika has been cheating them for the whole time and that it was all a pretension that Mihika was pregnant with Mihir's baby.

Shagun Cut Off

With Raman deciding to cut off Shagun, she will be left with no money. The car will also be taken away from her for which Raman was paying until now.

Ruhi To Model

Though Raman did not like the idea that Ruhi was going to be made to model, he will have no say as Shagun has the full custody.

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