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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Subbu, Sujatha Have Secret Plan For Simmi, Ishita?

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's latest storyline shows Subbu (Amit Tandon) and Sujata revealing that they have some secret plan for Simmi and Ishia (Divyanka Tripathi). He plans to prove to them that he is not the victim.

Until now on the show, Subbu has been portrayed as the victim having lost his wife and son in a plane crash. But what is yet to be revealed is how the death of his wife and son is related to marrying Simmi. What is clear as of now is that Subbu has some secret plan in getting engaged and agreeing to marrying Simmi.

Subbu, who had abandoned Ishita just before their wedding years back came back inot her life posing as a victim of tragic life incidences. But what everyone do not know is that he is not a victim but has planned something before coming back into Ishita's life.

Ishita and Simmi, on the other hand, have no clue about Subbu's secret personality. In fact when Subbu informed Simmi about his London trip to deal with his wife's case at court against the airlines, she will be seen giving her support to him and even asked him to deal with it without hesitation.

Let's wait and watch Yeh Hai Mohabbatein to see what is it that Subbu is hiding from everyone and what plans he has in getting engaged to Simmi. Will Ishita figure it out in time this time as well? Or will there be major consequences later on?

Subbu's Past

There is something in Subbu's past that has been making him do a lot of things today. His coming back to Ishita's life and getting engaged to Simmi has everything to do with his past.

Sujata In On it

Sujata, who is Subbu's mother-in-law, also is in on his plan. Sujata will be seen discussing with Subbu about what to do with Simmi and Ishita.

Sujata Worried

Sujata will be seen getting worried about Ishita figuring out things. Sujata who knows how persistent Ishita can be will be getting worried about her.


Raman and Ishita will be seen spending their special moments with each other. With them being defied of their room they will be seen waiting to get it for themselves.

Ishita-Raman Romance

Ishita and Raman will be seen romancing each other and will be seen getting ready for Simmi's wedding. They are clueless about Subbu's plans for them.

Ishita Gets A Hicky

Ishita and Raman's romance will have Ishita getting her first hicky. Raman will be the one to point it out for her.

Subbu To Go To London

Before the engagement, Subbu will be seen informing Simmi about his London trip. He will inform her about the case regarding his wife.

Raman And Mihir's Issue

Raman and Mihir's closeness will be mistaken to be a gay relationship during Simmi's engagement. Ishita, Raman and Mihir clear it out soon.

Subbu's Plan

What has Subbu planned to do to Simmi and Ishita? What did they have to do with the deaths of his wife and son? Will be get married to Simmi or not?

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