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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Will Mihir Marry Rinki For Ishita?

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's latest twist has Rinki's wedding coming to an abrupt halt in the mandap as the groom turns out to be a fraud. Now Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) has decided to make it right by making Mihir marry Rinki instead. Will Mihir agree to marry Rinki? Is he still in love with Mihika?

Rinki's wedding gets stalled when the groom's actual wife lands at the mandap. She will declare that Nikhil married her for green-card. Raman (Karan Patel) bashes up the groom to get the actual reason that he wanted money due to his business loss. This will end with the groom sent to the police station and the wedding stopped.

Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) wastes no time to put the blame on Ishita ande even makes her accept it was her mistake. Ishita not only accepts the blame but also decides to make it right. She will ask Mihir to marry her instead. A shocked Mihir will be seen taking time to make up his mind.

Will he agree to marry Rinki for Ishita and the Bhalla family? Is he still in love with Mihika to actually consider marrying someone else? Mihika too is in the mandap, will she let him marry Rinki? Let's wait and watch Yeh Hai Mohabbatein to see what happened.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Ishita has asked Mihir to marry Rinki for the Bhalla family's sake. Will Mihir agree to marry someone he is not in love with?

Shagun Blames Ishita

Shagun will waste no time to throw the entire blame on Ishita. She will mention repeatedly that she had checked on the groom and failed.

Toshi Too Blames Ishita

Santoshi too falls for Shagun's words and blames Ishita for all that has happened. She will blame Ishita for not checking on the groom properly.

Ishita Irked

Ishita will be seen losing her cool and throwing some words on Shagun too. She will remind her that she left the family and has no say on any of their matter now.

Ishita Made To Apologise

Shagun demands that Ishita apologise to everyone that she has made a mistake. Ishita will have no other choice but to apologise to everyone.

Raman Silent

Raman will remain silent even when Ishita gets blamed for everything that has happened. He will be seen standing not defending Ishita when Shagun throws blames on her.

Ishita Vows To Correct Things

When Shagun throws all the blame on Ishita and makes her apologise, Ishita takes things into her hand ands declares that she will correct the situation.

Shagun Doubtful

When Ishita vows to make things right and walks up to Rinki and makes the same promise, Shagun gets doubtful about what she is going to do.

Ishita - Rinki

Ishita will be seen walking up to Rinki and asking her to trust her. Rinki will declare that she trust her sister-in-law without any hesitation.

Ishita Requests Mihir

Ishita will then walk up to Mihika and ask him to do her a favour. She will ask him to marry Rinki for her and the Bhalla family's sake.

Mihir Shocked

Mihir gets shocked with Ishita's request. He will be taken aback by it and stands silent for a long while to take everything that is happening.

Mihika Shocked Too

Mihika too will be at the mandap when Ishita asks Mihir to marry Rinki. Mihika will be shocked to hear Ishita's request to Mihir.

Shagun Stops Mihir

After Ishita asks Mihir to marry Rinki, Shagun will be seen running to Mihir and asking him to not agree to it. She will be seen asking Mihir to not marry Rinki.

Romi Brings The Culprit

Seeing Amritha at the mandap, Romi adds one and one and gets to know it is all Shagun's plan.

Romi Throws Light On Everything

Romi will then throw light on all the matters. That Shagun had planned to hide Amritha until the last minute. He will bring the man who was hired by Shagun to prover it.

Shagun To Get Slapped

With Romi bringing proof against Shagun, she will get caught without any escape. Spoilers say that Toshi will be slapping Shagun for all that she has done.

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