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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Bhabhi Maa Hugs & Apologises To Akshara; Welcomes Her Back Home!

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In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, the long awaited reunion of Akshara (Hina Khan) with Bhabhi Maa and Singhania family will soon come to an end. Bhabhi Maa has been upset and wasn't in talking terms with Bhabhi Maa after Daddaji's death. Naksh (Rohan Mehra) will be trying hard to reunite them and finally he will succeed.

Bhabhi Maa though like Akshara, is angry with Akshara as the former think the latter is responsible for Daddaji's death.

Naksh first plan to get to know the details of why his mom and grandma doesn't speak to each other. After knowing the matter, her tries to reunite them supporting both. But when he gets to know that Bhabhi Maa is adamant on her stand and not at all ready to accept Akshara, he applies reverse psychology.

With this, Naksh will almost be successful, but Akshara's sudden plan of going back to Cape Town fasten his plan. Naksh hurt his mom and Naitik (Karan Mehra) as much as possible in front of Bhabhi Maa and disagrees to join them to Cape Town.

Then comes Akshara's daughter, Naira's turn. Naira gets upset with Akshara and Bhabhi Maa's distance. She totally speak against Akshara and gets negative impact of staying in joint family.

This doesn't go well with Akshara and she takes Bhabhi Maa to the room and raise her voice. Though not against Bhabhi Maa, she finally make some courage to clear Bhabhi Maa's misunderstandings. Akshara says that she wasn't responsible for Daddaji's death and it was time that made her sign the documents, but unfortunately lost Daddaji!

Bhabhi Maa-Akshara

Though Bhabhi Maa remains idle at that moment, she later realises that Akshara was innocent.

Bhabhi Maa-Naksh

By then Akshara would have left to Airport. To everyone's surprise, Bhabhi Maa takes the whole family to the airport.

Bhabhi Maa Hugs Akshara

Bhabhi Maa hugs, folds her hands and apologises to Akshara, who was waiting for Bhabhi Maa to understand her will be happy to get back home.

Bhabhi Maa Apologises To Akshara

Bhabhi Maa will welcome Akshara, Naitika and Naira back home. But with a grand celebration!

Naksh-Bhabhi Maa

They also get to know Bhabhi Maa realised this because of Lalla (Naksh). Naksh's reverse psychology really worked.


Naitik, who was angry on him, will be proud of his son as he reunited the family.

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