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Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant SPOILER: Rajni Turns Union Leader; Rajni & Surili's Face-off To Take Place?

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Life OK's sitcom series, Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant never fails to amaze the audiences with its comical twists and turns. Raqesh Vashisth recently replaced Karan Grover as the new Shaan. He entered the Kant household as Anthony Gonsalves, only to protect his family, who were after them to take away the crystal.

The family members get to know that Anthony Gonsalves is none other than Shaan. Later, He narrates the entire incident to his family. It has to be recalled that Surili spotted Rajni pushing Shaan off the cliff. It is revealed that, Rajni pushed Shaan, on his orders and later she is the one, who saved him. (Check out the latest spoiler below).

Surili Asks Rajni To Go

In the last episode, Surili blamed Rajni for all the wrongdoings in the Kant family and ordered her to leave the house right away.

Rajni Obeys Surili

Rajni obeys her orders. When questioned, as to where would she go after leaving the house, Surili curtly tells her to roam on the road. Surili is relieved that Rajni will finally leave the house.

Shaan Updates Rajni's Feature

Shaan adds a new feature to Rajni, to differenciate between right and wrong. Rajni leaves the house. Shaan and Dev track Rajni's whereabouts.


As told by Surili, Rajni roams on the road and hits many passers by. On one instance, she saves a lady from being hit by a car. But, the lady gets hurt and Rajni takes her to hospital.

Rajni's New Avatar

The lady suffers a hairline fracture and is told not to work. The lady insists that she will still go. Rajni tells her that, she will go to the factory instead. She arrives at the factory, dressed up in Gujarati attire, as a worker.


Little does Rajni know that the factory is owned by Surili. Shogita arrives at the factory. Rajni gets to know about Shogita and covers her face with her pallu. Will Shogita recognise Rajni?

Rajni Turns Union Leader

In the upcoming episodes, Rajni will get to know that the factory workers are deprived of basic amenities and monetary benefits and decide to fight for their needs, by becoming their union leader. This will bring Suril and Rajni together again.

Shaan had to hide from the goons, who were after him for the crystal. Rajni misinterprets Shaan's statement and performs his plastic surgery instead! The family members find it difficult to believe the story.

Finally, they decide to take his test and Shaan passes the test and they accept him! But, Surili is still upset with Rajni.

In the last episode, Surili orders Rajni to leave the house. She blamed Rajni for all the happenings in the family including Bubbles and Amartya's wedding, Shaan's plastic surgey and her insult during the court proceedings.

Each member of the family support her, except Shaan. She forcefully pulls Shaan towards her side and orders Rajni to leave. Rajni obeys her orders, as a dutiful daughter-in-law.

On the other hand, Shaan updates Rajni's features. He adds a new feature, to differenciate between right and wrong. Will Rajni come back to the Kant household? Stay tuned to know...

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