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Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant MAJOR TWIST: YHM's Aly Goni To Enter The Show In A Negative Role!

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Life OK's sitcom series, Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant never fails to amaze the audiences with its comical twists and turns. As per the current track, Shaan has gone missing and the entire blame is upon our dear Rajni! Surili accuses Rajni of pushing her son off the cliff, whereas Rajni will deny all the allegations.

The duo is currently fighting a legal battle against each other, wherein Rajni is trying to prove herself innocent. On the contrary, Surili is hell-bent upon proving Rajni guilty, but struggles to find proper evidence. During the court proceedings, when Surili questions Rajni regarding this, she rather chooses to avoid the topic. (Check out the latest spoiler in the slides below).

Raqesh Vashisth As Anthony Gonsalves

As we had reported earlier, Raqesh Vashisth's entry is expected in the upcoming episode. He will step into Karan's shoes. He will enter the Kant household as Shaan's friend Anthony Gonsalves and would inform them, that Shaan will not be able to return to his family for sometime.

Anthony To Help Rajni?

Not only that, he would also tell them that, Shaan has assigned him to take care of his family in his absence and would start living with their family. Will he help Rajni in proving herself innocent?

Mysterious Actions

But, his actions would be strange. As per the latest spoiler, he will even try to kill the family members by mixing poison in the food!

Aly Goni To Enter The Show

YHM actor Aly Goni would soon enter the show. He will be playing a negative role. As per the latest spoiler, he would arrive at Kant household and will claim Rajni to be his wife.


It is revealed that, Shaan, who is the creator of Rajni would have taken a random reference of a body and face while creating Rajni. Apparently, the reference would resemble Aly Goni's wife!

Rajni Gets A New Challenge

Now that his wife has gone missing, Aly Goni would arrive at the Kant household claiming Rajni to be his wife! This means that Rajni has a new challenge to prove herself as Shaan's wife. Will Rajni be successful?

Meanwhile, Rajni successfully proves that, Surili's eye sight is weak in front of the judge. Nonetheless, judge agrees to adjourn the case for a day, when Surili requests her.

In the last episode, Surili feels that to win the case, she needs a single incident to prove that Rajni is not an ideal bahu. She recalls the incident, wherein Rajni was normal even after the snake bite. Maggie suggests to prove that Rajni is not a human, but 'naagin' in the court.

Surili feels that this is a good idea and keeps an eye on Rajni. On the contrary, Sharmila suggests to prove in the court that, Rajni killed the pundit who performed all the rituals in Bubbles and Amartya's wedding. Surili feels that, this would work better.

The next morning, Surili presents a newspaper article as a proof, wherein it is mentioned that, the pundit died because of poison. Surili blames Rajni for his death and even claims that she is a naagin who pushed Shaan off the cliff for the sake of a crystal.

How will the mystery be solved? Stay tuned to know...

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