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These Statements Made By Bigg Boss 10’s Akansha Sharma On Shabnam Singh Will Leave You In Shock!

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Akansha Sharma was the second contestant to get eliminated from the Bigg Boss 10 house. She created headlines after making serious allegations against Yuvraj Singh's mother Shabnam, while entering the show. Akansha was married to Yuvraj Singh's brother, Zorawar. The wedding lasted for four months.

Shabnam had even lashed out at Akanksha. The allegation landed Akansha in a legal soup. Shabnam's lawyer, Damanbir Singh Sobti, made some shocking revelations while defending his client. Check Out Some Of The Statements Made By Akansha...

Akansha Wants Divorce

Post eviction, Akansha says that she just wants a divorce now and feels Shabnam Singh, the mother of the star cricketer, is afraid of what she might tell the world about the family.

Akansha's Marriage Was Just On Papers!

She was quoted by TOI as saying, "I think everyone has the right to voice his/her opinion and I just did that. I don't regret about a single word that I have said on the show. Because whatever I said is true. My marriage was just on the papers."

Akansha Says That She Was Married Just For Physical Reasons!

She added, "In my marriage three people were involved - my husband (Zorawar), my mother-in-law (Shabnam) and I. It was a marriage between three people. I was married just for physical reasons."

Shabnam Dominated!

She further added, "There was never my husband's existence in the relationship. It was always dominated by my mother-in-law. She always cornered me and destroyed my marriage life completely."

Shabnam Slapped Akansha!

When asked if she was physically or sexually abused, Akansha was quoted by Mid-Day, "Not really. Yes, my mother-in-law slapped me once, but not too hard. I was mentally tortured every day. And no, Zorawar never forced himself on me. He is a kind person."

Akansha Partied With Husband!

Akansha had even said that she never partied alone, and her husband used to accompany her. She adds that Zorawar doesn't have an opinion of his own and is his mother's puppet. When they went out, his mother used to drop them or send her PA. His mother would check her cupboard and had the severnts spy on her!

Akansha's Drinking Habits...

When asked if she used to often reach home drunk and have alcohol bottles in your room, she said, "When someone is tortured, they would resort to drinking. I never went home carrying a bottle; I know my limits. I never drank alone. Zorawar would often say 'let's drink' and I'd agree."

Akansha Says...

When Akansha was asked about Shabnam's statement, she was quoted by IANS as saying, "I think she is afraid of the fact that the things that I have to say are quite true, because if things aren't true, a person doesn't really react the way she is reacting to it. You are (She is) afraid of what I might say."

Shabnam's Statement...

Shabnam said in the statement against these allegations made by Akanksha, "Me and my family have only knocked the doors of the courts against her false allegations and blackmailing."

Shabnam Denies All 'New' Allegations

She further added, "I deny all these new allegations as well. The matter is sub-judice and I hope everyone else also respects the law of land and let the courts bring out the truth through their verdict."

Shabnam Adds...

Shabnam further added that, for the longest time, they (her family) have ‘ignored all her unnecessary assaults, giving her the benefit of being a woman, of being immature, and above all of being family. This benefit cannot be extended forever'.

Although Akansha created headline because of her statement made against her mother-in-law Shabnam while entering the show, she was not in the limelight inside the Bigg Boss house.

Inside the hosue, Akansha was linked-up with Gautam Arora. Also, during the BB Laundry task, she hid the clothes to use it for the next day and tricked Rohan Mehra, who was the quality check inspector. Except these, she was not noticed in the house!

After eviction, Akansha said that Bigg Boss was "once in a lifetime experience" for her. She was quoted by IANS as saying, "I wasn't expecting it, but the day the eviction was taking place, I kind of felt it that it is going to happen because I really didn't get the chance to show who I am or represent who I am."

Well, now that she is out of the house, it has to be seen how the case of her allegations against Yuvraj's mother Shabnam, turn into! It has to be recalled that the family is also busy with Yuvraj Singh's marriage with ex-Bigg Boss contestant Hazel Keech, which will happen, this December (2016).

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