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Bigg Boss 10: Does Manu Instigate The Fights Between Lopa & And Bani?

By: Ankita Pareek
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Every fight in Bigg Boss 10 has someone who instigates it. So, is Manu Punjabi stirring up the fight between Lopamudra Raut and VJ Bani?

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After the argument of Bani and Lopa in the kitchen, regarding Bani advising her that she took the wrong side, a lot of discussion was being done again and again.

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After Bani became the captain of the house she has left no opportunity to make sure that Lopa is troubled. And their fight is always a good opportunity for Manu Punjabi to see to it that Lopa leaves that team, and joins him and also make people in the house realise that Bani is not a fit captain.

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Lopamudra and Manu discuss in the luggage room, about how smartly Bani is playing her game and all she wants is to divide and rule the house. They discuss how cleverly she adds fuel to the fire in any fight and then sneakily just walks away from there leaving the other people to fight.

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Manu keeps on telling Lopa every single time about how nice she is and how rude and brutal Bani can get for any game.

Manu also talks about Rohan in the game and says that Rohan never felt bad for Karan, when the latter destroyed his wife's image to save him. He says that Rohan is only a good looking man but he is heartless as well as senseless.

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Well, it looks like Manu knows the game very well. All he wants to do is make people fight against each other and then reach the final with his followers Manveer and Monalisa.

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