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Bigg Boss 10: Manu Upsets Mona By Carrying Lopamudra In His Arms!

By: Ankita Pareek
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Bigg Boss 10's Manu Punjabi has upset his alleged girlfriend Monalisa by carrying the beauty of the house, Lopamudra Raut in his arms.

Bigg Boss 10

It all happened during the captaincy task. Karan and Lopamudra were competing against each other during balancing task to enter the captaincy finals. There were constant irks from Bani to trouble Lopa, and on the other hand Manu and Manveer were trying their best to motivate Lopamudra.

Bigg Boss 10

With all the chaos around, Lopa wins the task and competes ahead with Rohan.

As she wins the task against Karan, Manu runs and picks her up in his arms with joy. Seeing Manu doing it, Manveer being a blind follower, too joins him and holds Lopa in his arms.

Bigg Boss 10

Everyone else in the house takes it sportively, but this upsets Monalisa like never before. She gets upset with Manu for having carried Lopamudra in his arms.

It was quite expected that Monalisa would be upset as she is someone, who gets all the attention from Manveer and Manu and she wouldn't like that attention being shared by someone else.

Bigg Boss 10

The entire day Monalisa was seen very quiet and she tried ignoring Manu as much as she could. Manu being the funny guy, took everything lightly and soon convinces her that she has taken everything wrong and there was no specific intention behind it.

Bigg Boss 10

Will this lead to more problems in the house and are Manu and Manveer changing loyalties? These can only be answered as the show progresses.

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