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Bigg Boss 10: Om Swami Back In The House With A Swag Like Never Before!

By: Ankita Pareek
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There will be massive changes in the Bigg Boss 10 house today as Om Swami will return to the house with a swag like never before.

Yes! You heard it right. Om Swami is back in the house with a new avatar and he is shining, whining and laughing like never before. It was clear that Om Swami was not eliminated, instead he was sent to a secret room.

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In those few days of staying in the secret room, Swamiji kept an eye on what was happening around in the house and also was making plans to survive longer in the house. He was also seen murmuring to himself about friends he should keep and people he should throw away from his life.

bigg boss 10

Manveer and Manu along with Monalisa and Lopamudra are in the garden when they suddenly hear a song playing in the voice of Swamiji.
They are shocked, surprised and confused listening to the song and only when the gates open, they are on cloud nine. They see Om Swami entering through the main door clapping his hands and laughing out loud.

bigg boss 10

He is greeted with hugs from Manveer, Navin and Manu. Monalisa and Lokesh too are happy seeing him back in the house but, the celebrities, especially Rohan Mehra and Gaurav Chopra are in absolute shock seeing him back in the house.

The only thing running in their mind is that there is enough of chaos already in the house and that Swamiji has been sent again to trouble them more.

bigg boss 10

Om Swami is elated and confident and boldly challenges the house mates to vote against him as many times as they wish, as he is a winner already. He will stay back in the house until the finals and no one can stop him from doing that.

bigg boss 10

The next luxury budget task will have the contestants pick between Om Swami and groceries, meaning the contestants can either use the task budget to bring Swamiji back or use it for the luxury budget task. Obviously, the contestants will choose task over Swamiji which will make him furious.

Let's wait and watch for all the drama that unfolds tonight only on Bigg Boss 10.

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