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Bigg Boss 10: Om Swami Scared Of Rohan After He Injures Bani!

By: Ankita Pareek
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Om Swami of Bigg Boss 10 wants Rohan Mehra to be thrown out of the house after he injures VJ Bani. Om Swami thinks that Rohan might be a threat to his life and is now scared of him.

bigg boss 10

The day started with Rohan pleading to Manoj that he would help him with arranging his clothes. Post that Rohan comes in the kitchen and talks about the task funnily enough and he starts playing with the kitchen knife. As Bani passes by, Rohan Mehra accidentally stabs Bani.

bigg boss 10
bigg boss 10

VJ Bani gets injured and rushes to the bathroom only to realise that she has been badly wounded and bleeding. Lopamudra helps Bani wash the blood and bandage it.

Bani gets really angry at Rohan's stupidity, demanding how he could be so careless with dangerous objects.

bigg boss 10

After all the drama ended, Swamiji, the Maharaja of the house, was sitting with his family in the darbar. He then uses his mike and tells the Bigg Boss that Rohan Mehra should be sent out from the house as Salman Khan had said that anyone doing any kind of assault will be shown the house gates.

bigg boss 10

Manveer Gujjar on the other hand, tells Swamiji that he cannot order anything to Bigg Boss as the latter already knows what is to be done when any contestant disobeys a particular rule.

An upset Om Swami then tells Bigg Boss that he wants Rohan out of the house because he thinks Rohan might also land up injuring him, and is a threat to Swamiji's life.

Drama we tell you! Well...this is just the start, more drama will unfold as slowly Swami ji will become the target of not only the celebrities, but also of his own people, the Indiawale.

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