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Bigg Boss 10: See Photos Of Om Swami Slapping A Woman On TV!

By: Ankita Pareek
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OMG! All the women contestants in Bigg Boss house stay careful, as the entertaining Om Swami has once slapped a woman on national TV, when she went against him.

Bigg Boss season 10 is likely to become dangerous with Om Swami in it! The self-proclaimed spiritual Baba is looking lascivious already.

Om Swami left Salman Khan laughing out loud with everything he did on the stage and in the house. And how can we forget that he called Deepika Padukone Lakshmi Devi, and christened every woman he met in the Bigg Boss house with the name of a goddess. And now, we have come across a shocking video of him physically abusing a woman on live television.

om swami bigg boss

On a news channel's talk show with two other women panelists, the Baba went on to defame a woman nationally, completely deviating from the topic he was supposed to discuss. If you thought the fight was just verbal then we should alert you that the woman and the Swami slapped each other on air.

om swami bigg boss

In the debate, the panel discussing Radhe Maa comprised Om Swami and Deepa Sharma, amongst others. After a heated argument in which Om Swami questioned the integrity of Deepa Sharma, the female panelist got up and warned the Bigg Boss contestant to not get personal. What happened next is quite shocking. Being an avid supporter of Radhe Maa, Om Swami slapped Deepa Sharma on national television.

om swami bigg boss

Swamiji had a bit of tiff with Lopmudra Raut too, in the Bigg Boss 10 house. As the latter felt that Swami was projecting a false image and was trying to get up close and ahem personal way too much!
More masala will add up on the show all thanks to Swami ji!

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