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Bigg Boss 10: Rahul Dev Loses His Cool With Lokesh Sharma!

By Ankita Pareek

All does not seem good for Lokesh Sharma in Bigg Boss 10 as in today's episode we will see Rahul Dev losing his temper with her.

Rahul Loses His Cool

Since the time Rohan Mehra has become the captain of the house, things are not that well for him. Everyone is trying to create problems for him.

Rahul Loses His Cool

Lokesh initiating problems for Rohan was quite unexpected but that surely has been happening since a few days. Lokesh is upset with Rohan because he has been constantly nagging something or the other.

Rahul Loses His Cool

He first tells Lokesh to change her bed but the latter disagrees to do so, as she thinks he is being unfair and did not ask for her opinion before planning to change the beds. Bani somehow manages to cheer Lokesh up and settles things between Rohan and Lokesh.

Since, Lokesh wasn't listening to him, Rohan decides to punish her. Rohan tells her that she will have to stay outside the house after the lights go off at night.

Rahul Loses His Cool

Lokesh irritates him further and says that she does not know what the word punishment means. Rohan tells her that she is getting on his nerves but Lokesh remains deaf to all of it.

At the same time Rahul Dev who is sitting with Rohan at the dining table loses his control with Lokesh. While she was having a conversation with Rohan, she kept swaying a tissue box. And each time the tissue box came real close to Rahul's face.

Rahul Loses His Cool

Rahul gets irritated and gets hold of the tissue box. He then throws the tissue box away and asks Lokesh to behave and refers her as 'badtameez'.

Well, Lokesh is certainly facing a nervous breakdown in the house and all the housemates are turning against her.

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