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Bigg Boss 10: Rohan Mehra An Easy Target For Manoj; Swamiji Stays Weird As Usual!

By: Ankita Pareek
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It is hard to imagine any Bigg Boss 10 season without fights. Proving that true, Rohan Mehra and Manoj Punjabi get into a heated argument while Om Swami is at his best in irritating people.

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Swami Omji asked for food in the middle of the night as he didn't have dinner and without eating he could not have his medicine. The untimely demand led to a heated argument between him and Monalisa, who does not approve of cooking at that hour.

This is not for the first time that Swami has created a fuss for the fellow contestants. He has been a troublemaker ever since he entered the Bigg Boss house. It looks like his weird story about his own life and his sexist comments on the women of the house were not enough to irritate the fellow contestants that, now he has started to make unreasonable demands from sevaks during the maalik-sevak task.

Manveer Gujjar grabs the opportunity and jumps into the argument to support Swami. Though, later in the day, Monalisa and Swami make peace with each other, as he asks Monalisa to teach him swimming.

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Bigg Boss gives the celebrities the next riddle to solve and find out a new secret, the celebrities are seen looking for opportunities to discuss and solve the riddle.

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During breakfast when Rohan Mehra sat next to Karan, Pooja Jagga instructed him to sit with her instead.

While doing as he was told, Rohan also gave it back to Jagga, and said that it is a futile exercise as he already knew the answer to the riddle.

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Manoj intervened and told Rohan 'tu kuch nahi kar sakta' leading to a complete yelling match between the two, each trying to instigate the other.

When Swamiji spoke to Rohan to advise him, he even yelled at Swamiji and asked to leave him alone.

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