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    Bigg Boss 10: Here’s Why Rohan Mehra Is Not Worth Being A Captain!

    By Ankita Pareek

    It is tough to be a captain in Bigg Boss 10 and whether you are worth it or not comes to the fore as time passes. Here is why we think Rohan Mehra is not worth being the captain.

    A new captain. A new day. And the morning attempts to unite the contestants with the song 'Ek Ho Gaye Hum Aur Tum' being the contestants' wake-up call. The first person to revolt is Lokesh when she argues with Rohan when he tells her to help the others to make breakfast.

    Rohan Mehra Is Not Worth Being A Captain!

    She reminds Rohan that he is her favourite, but despite that, she doesn't appreciate being mistreated. Outgoing captain, Bani, on the other hand, teaches Rohan how to deal with the housemates while allocating the household duties.

    Giving more power to the new captain, Bigg Boss asks Rohan to name two contestants whom he wishes to send to jail. Quickly, Rohan decides that Manu and Manveer deserve to be punished, but refuses to give any justification for his decision, resulting in Manu and Manveer rejecting this punishment.

    Rohan Mehra Is Not Worth Being A Captain!

    They are supported by the housemates who are also not convinced by Rohan's lack of explanation. Lopamudra tries to reason with Rohan, but receives a tongue-lashing instead.

    Rohan Mehra Is Not Worth Being A Captain!

    It becomes evident that Rohan is not being liked by people so at this point Rohan should have stopped and thought for a while. He should have acted more like a captain than a dictator. He should understand that a captain has to be calm and composed or at least sensible to handle things on his own than being influenced.

    Rohan Mehra Is Not Worth Being A Captain!

    Respite comes in the afternoon when Bigg Boss declares that it is the captain's responsibility to play fair and take the right decisions. He also asks the contestants to obey the captain's orders, reminding them that if they fail to do so, it could lead to serious consequences.

    Ashamed at having broken major rules of the Bigg Boss house, Manu and Manveer go to jail for their punishment, with Gaurav being appointed as the jailer.

    Rohan Mehra Is Not Worth Being A Captain!

    As the day comes to a close, it's evident that the contestants do not really consider Rohan to be their captain. How will the rest of the week turn out to be?

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