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REVEALED! The Reason Of Rift Between Kapil Sharma & Colors

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We already know that because of differences between the production house of Kapil Sharma's show Comedy Nights With Kapil, and Colors' channel, Kapil Sharma quit the show and the show was replaced by another show (Comedy Nights Live). A lot has been said about the differences. Now, CEO Raj Nayak breaks his silence and clears the Channel's stand.

When asked why he remained silent for so long, CEO Raj Nayak was quoted by TOI as saying, "Our silence was being misinterpreted. Our niceness was being misconstrued as our weakness and since much has been said, I felt is important to set the record straight once and for all." (Click on the image to read slides)

Kapil Insecure!

He added, "Kapil's insecurity or those of people around him was when the problem began. His managers started panicking when in terms of ratings, 'Bachao... ' started doing well and better than 'Comedy Nights With Kapil' in some episodes."

Raj Nayak, CEO Of Colors

Nayak said, "And instead of working with our creative team and finding ways to reinvent and make the show ratings better, they kept living in denial and started casting aspersions on the channel."


Raj further said, "Both the shows were equally important to us. To ensure that both succeed, we kept promoting them with equal weight. We were clear as a channel that the success of either show need not necessarily be at the cost of the other. For us, they were both mutually exclusive."


Nayak added that they didn't do 'Comedy Nights Bachao' by choice. Instead, they requested Kapil not to make his show once a week as it was financially not feasible to the Channel. Kapil was busy with movies and didn't have the time for the same.

Kapil Sharma's Renumeration...

"He did not give us a choice and made his show a weekly and in the process, also doubled his fee. He ensured his personal remuneration didn't suffer, but caused a big financial loss to us. The truth is that we were forced to make CNWK once a week," CEO said.

Comedy Nights...

"And since we had built the weekend 10 pm slot as comedy, we had no choice but to bring in another comedy show in the slot vacated by Kapil," Raj Nayak was quoted by TOI as saying.


When asked if he worries that Kapil is going to be on a rival channel, Raj was quoted as saying,
"I am not worried. I feel sad that after all that, we as a channel had done to package him, promote him and treat him like an integral part of the Colors family, he has chosen to move on."

Colors' (Raj) Wishes To Work With Kapil But...

Raj also wished Kapil for success. He clarified that the channel doesn't have any issue with Kapil, but he had! Colors (Raj Team) wishes to work with Kapil in the future with the condition being that he has to have a good set of managers and the terms of engagement should be mutually acceptable and respected.

When asked what went wrong between Colors and Kapil Sharma, Raj Nayak explained that Kapil had been in the television industry for over 10 years. When they came up with Comedy Nights, it was the Channel's decision to call it 'Comedy Nights With Kapil' as they felt that it would give him a sense of ownership and his loyalty to the show would be 100 percent.

He adds that the Channel helped him set up production company. After Kapil became a star, he started renegotiating and demanding more money. Kapil violated his contract by hosting shows on competitive channels in spite of having an exclusive contract with Colors!

It has to be recalled that regarding the appearance of same celebrities on both the shows, Kapil had said, "Celebrities who readily agreed to come on our show were told that they will have to make an appearance on the other show as well."

But Raj Nayak has something else to say. He was quoted by TOI as saying, "Film stars do integration for movies and want to be on non-fiction shows that rate well. We would encourage stars to appear on both shows." (Continued On Slides)

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