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Comedy Nights With Kapil’s Creative Director Preeti Simoes Comes In Support Of Kapil Sharma!

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We all know that Kapil Sharma's Comedy Nights With Kapil went off air due to the differences between the production house and the Colors' channel. Initially, Kapil had even said that his team was not given importance and hence the show was going off air.

We recently reported about Colors' CEO Raj Nayak revealing what went wrong between their channel and production house. Raj Nayak had also said that Channel helped him set up production company. After Kapil became a star, he started renegotiating and demanding more money.

(Continued) Preeti Added...

Kapil came from Comedy Circus. Comedy Circus shut down, he never said anything. About Comedy Classes too, he never said anything. Then Comedy nights Bachao came, and even though they were not number one or even in that category, they started announcing we are number one and have the highest TRPs and all that."

Preeti Simoes

Creative Director of CNWK was quoted by the leading daily as saying, "You see they have come for strong reasons. Their prime reason should be to make people laugh. Their reason should not be to put someone down or look better or make people feel we are in the same category."

Preeti Supports Kapil's Stand

Preeti says that they are two different shows catering to different audience and cannot be compared. They are blowing their own trumpets and digging their own graves. Let them do what they have to.

Preeti Praises Kapil

Preeti refused to accept Kapil became a brand because of channel. She gave examples of show that Kapil did and became successful. She said that Kapil's first show was MH1. Along with Laughter Challenge, Kapil won six seasons of Comedy Circus and Comedy Circus. And she believes these shows and his talent that Kapil.

Preeti On Kapil's Reaction...

On how Kapil is taking these statements, Preeti says Kapil has moved on and doesn't bother. She added that they are busy planning their next show.

Further, Raj said that the problem started when Kapil or those of people around him became insecure! Also, the host of Comedy Nights' Krushna Abhishek had recently taken a dig at Kapil saying the latter was insecure and hence left the show.

Like Raj Nayak, Krushna had also said that Colors made Kapil a brand! He also made statements against Kapil saying, "Woh toh maidan chhod ke chala gaya"!

These statements of Krushna didn't go well with the Creative Director of CNWK, Preeti Simoes. Preeti has come out in support of Kapil.

Preeti was quoted by IndianExpress as saying, "There is no point reacting. He has made such immature statements. Why will Kapil Sharma feel insecure of Krushna? It is as simple as that. Just because you want to put yourself in Kapil's category, you are drawing those comparisons. Did anybody else say anything?"

She added, "And because you did that, the track you got in your first episode came out. Let your work speak. Why do you want to put words in people's mouth. And you want people to compare you with Kapil. That is why you are making certain statements. Has Kapil ever spoken a word about any other show?" (Continued On Slides)

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