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Diya Aur Baati Hum Spoiler: How Will Sandhya Rescue Mishri From Makrand's Clutches?

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In Star Plus' popular show, Diya Aur Baati Hum, the Rathi family has finally got to know, that Mishri has been kidnapped! They even get to know that, she is being kidnapped due to Meenkashi's negligence.

In the previous episodes, we saw that Shilpi managed to convince Meenkashi to send her daughter, Mishri to Dubai for a dance compeitition, and she agrees to do so without infroming the family about the same, as she fears that they will not agree.

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Mishri Is Kidnapped

In the last episode, Mishri, the daughter of the Rathi family becomes a victim of child trafficking and gets kidnapped. Shilpi brings her to an isolated warehouse, where many other girls are also being kept.

Bhabho Reprimands Meenakshi

At the Rathi houshold, Meenakshi is being reprimanded by Bhabho for her carelessness. Everyone at the household are worried for Mishri. Meenakshi apologises to Bhabho for her negligence.

Sooraj Consoles Vikram & Meena

Vikram is enraged at Meenakshi's act and asks her to get out of the house. Sooraj comes to Meena's rescue, and tells Vikram to calm down. Meena gives her the car number, in which Mishri was being sent.

Sandhya Begins Her Search

As soon as she gets a clue aboout the car number, she along with her team will try to track the car. Arpita, who is assisting Sandhya in this case, gets to know about Makrand, from her enquiry.

Mishri Calls Sandhya

A terrified Mishri recalls all the moments spent with her family and cries. A girl gives her a phone and asks her to contact her family. She calls Sandhya.

Sandhya Gets A Hint

Sandhya asks Mishri to give her the location. Mishri recalls and tries to explain it to her. But, before Mishri could speak further, phone is switched off and Sandhya will be unable to contact her.

In the last episode, Meenakshi repents her decision. Bhabho and Vikram reprimand her for taking such a drastic step, without even consulting them. Enraged, Vikram even asks her to get out of the house, but Sooraj (Anas Rashid) tells him to calm down.

Meanwhile, Sandhya (Deepika Singh) begins to track Mishri along with Arpita. Mishri has become a victim of child trafficking. On the other hand, Mishri is being tortured by Shilpi. In the upcoming episodes, Sandhya and her team would start tracing Mishri's location.

As per the latest spoiler, after much efforts, Sandhya and Arpita will finally reach the place, where Makrand has kept Mishri along with the other girls.

When the right time comes, Sandhya will start firing, while Arpita will rescue the girls safely. Sandhya would then put an end to Makrand's plans and catches him.

Thereby, Sandhya will be succesful in taking Mishri home. The entire family would rejoice on Mishri's arrival and Bhabho would distribute sweets on this happy occasion and praise Sandhya for her hardwork.

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