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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste SPOILER ALERT: Suman Breaks Up With Aditya, Will NOT Marry Shravan!

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Sony's Ek Duje Ke Vaaste has been keeping the audiences engaged. The viewers are eager to know, whom Suman (Nikita Dutta) will get married to - her childhood friend Shravan (Namik Paul) or Nanu's choice, Aditya! Well, after high-voltage drama, Suman breaks up with Aditya and the marriage doesn't happen!

The spoilers said that Shravan would forcefully marry Suman due to family pressure. But, according to the latest update, Shravan will NOT be marrying Suman! Read on to know more...

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Shravan & Aditya

Shravan's words hurt Aditya, and out of anger, he breaks a bottle at the party, after Shravan leaves. Shravan feels that he has taken his revenge on Nirmala. He says to himself that he will now stay away from Nirmala's son Aditya!


Aditya is hurt and drinks a little too much of alcohol. He recalls everybody talking about Shravan and Suman's relationship, and Kamini telling that Shravan and Suman are more than friends.

Drunk Aditya

Aditya goes to Suman's house in an inebriated state. Mamiji is shocked to see Aditya in this way. She stops him by saying about the wedding tradition - that a boy cannot meet the girl, before marriage! Suman watches Aditya drunk.

Aditya Misbehaves With Suman

In the upcoming episodes, just before the marriage ceremony, Aditya goes to Suman's room. He misbehaves with Suman, while she resists him.

Shravan & Aditya Fight

Shravan rushes to the room. Watching Aditya misbehaving with Suman, he gets into a fight with Aditya. Well, the viewers will definitely be shocked to see a ‘calm' Aditya turning ‘violent'!!

Suman Heartbroken!

Suman hugs Shravan. After the fight incident, Suman breaks her marriage with Aditya. And as per the reports, Shravan doesn't marry Suman.


The spoilers also reveal that Suman's relationship with Shravan will worsen as Aditya reveals that the fight was because of Shravan!

Suman Resumes Work

Initially, Suman is upset that her marriage is broken. But, later she returns to her work (PCT). The women at work are shocked to see Suman back at PCT!

Suman & Shravan

On the other hand, Nanu gets to know about Suman and Shravan's relationship. Both are shocked and wonder, how Nanu got to know about it! Well, it has to be seen if Nanu reunites Suman and Shravan.

In the previous episode, we saw Aditya trying to provoke both Shravan and Suman. He writes his name on Suman's hands with the mehndi. He even tells that soon, Suman would become Suman Aditya Ahuja.

Shravan is annoyed with Aditya's words and leaves the place angrily, while Suman bears his emotional torture, silently. Nirmala notices anger in both her sons - Aditya and Shravan.

She speaks to Shravan, and politely asks him to stay away from Aditya. Shravan speaks rudely to Nirmala, as he hates her. Initially, he obeys her request and doesn't reveal anything to Aditya, when he asks about Suman's relationship with him.

Aditya organises a bachelor party and invites Shravan. In fact, he would have organised the party to hurt Shravan. But, in turn, Aditya gets hurt, as Shravan reveals about his relationship with Suman. He exaggerates about his relationship with Suman, which irks Aditya!

Shravan tells Aditya that he has been Suman's childhood friend. Later, they stayed 10 years apart. But, after they reunited, the distance didn't bother them! He says, "Everything has happened between us - Everything that can happen between a girl and a boy, two loves or a husband and wife!"

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