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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Climax: After A Major Drama, Shravan & Suman Reunite!

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Sony TV's popular show Ek Duje Ke Vaaste is going to end tomorrow (October 7). After knowing about the news of the show going off air, the fans had repeatedly requested the makers and the channel to extend the show. But, their pleas went unheard. The fans just needed the makers to end the show in a proper way!

The makers have shot for the last episode, and as most of them must be aware, that it has a happy ending. Shravan (Namik Paul) and Suman (Nikita Dutta) would finally confess their love for each other. But, did you know that a major drama would unfold before their confession? (Check out the latest updates & spoilers with pictures)

Shravan Irked!

In the previous episode, we saw how Shravan was irked seeing Sumo's progress. Suman would have got the investors for PCT, and the news was published in the newspaper.

Suman Taunts Shravan

Shravan's ego is hurt as she pricks him by telling that he has decided to start his own business by opening the office in front of her PCT.

Media In The Malhotra House

Also, the media comes to the Malhotra house to interview Sumo. But seeing Shravan, the media people question Shravan about his love story and his contribution to Sumo's success!

Shravan Gives Negative Feedback

This irks Shravan and he gives negative feedback to the media. He tells media that the credit goes to Aditya, who was to marry Suman. But Shravan got married her to make up for her broken alliance.

Shravan Asks Suman To Leave The House

He tells the media that he and Suman were childhood friends, but now they are enemies. When Suman tries to stops Shravan, he lashes out at her. He asks her to leave the house.

Ramnath Stops Suman

Suman starts packing to leave the house. But, Ramnath tries to stop her and tells her that she is the only one who can bring Shravan to the right path.

Suman & Ramnath

Suman disagrees and tells Ramnath that only he can clean the mess. He had lied to Shravan about Nirmala. Sumo asks Ramnath to get Nirmala back for Shravan's good.


Shravan shouts that his life is spoiled because of two people in his life - Nirmala Ahuja and Suman Tiwari. Ramnath corrects Shravan by saying it is Nirmala Malhotra, and she is Shravan's mother!

Suman Gets Nirmala To The Malhotra House

In the upcoming episode, Suman will get Nirmala back to the Malhotra house. She believes that only a mother can change a spoilt son. Shravan is irked seeing Suman's move.


We assume Ramnath will step forward and clear the misunderstanding. A major confession will make Shravan realise that his father had lied to him about his mother.

Shravan & Suman's Love Confession

Shravan will be shattered that he was at fault these many days. He decides to apologise to Suman. Shravan and Suman finally confess their love for each other.

Shravan & Suman Reunite

Suman doesn't stop being bossy! She tells Shravan which side of the bed will be hers. And she will share his cupboard as well. Shravan accepts everything that Suman says, happily. They hug each other!

Story So Far...
Although Shravan and Suman love each other and have married, they have fought every single day for even the smallest things. Shravan starts drinking to forget his pain.

And, Kamini would be adding fuel to the fire! She pokes Shravan, so that she can destroy Ramnath completely. All that she wanted is her son Pushkar's progress and Shravan's downfall!

Ramnath gets to know about Kamini's plan and decides to tell the truth to Shravan. But seeing his son in inebriated state, he decides to tell him at the right time, i.e., when Shravan is strong enough to handle the truth!

On the other hand, Suman decides to teach Shravan a lesson. She knows that Ramanth has brainwashed and spoiled Shravan, which is why he is acting bad. She had also taken first step to teach Shravan a lesson - by making him stand on his own feet - i.e., to start his own business.

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