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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani: Gayatri Becomes Rajeshwari's Maid, Makes Arrangements For The Royal Wedding

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In Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani, Rajeshwari asks Ranaji (Siddhant Karnick), three vows. The first vow was to make her his first wife and the Rani of Ameerkot.

The second demand was to make Gayatri (Drashti Dhami) her maid, forever. Rajeshwari announces that now Ranaji and Gayatri, are not man and wife. She says that it is a punishment for Gayatri, to see Ranaji with her for the whole of their lives.


Rajeshwari slaps a servant and asks him to behave properly with her as she is the new Rani. She sends the servant to bring Gayatri.


Raaj Mata asks Gayatri not to obey Rajeshwari's orders. But, Gayatri says that Ranaji has promised Rajeshwari and so it is her duty to protect her husband's dignity.

Rajeshwari Wears The Crown

Rajeshwari dons the royal crown and announces that she wouldn't mourn her brother's death anymore. She says that Ranaji and she will get married in four days' time.


Rajeshwari gives the entire responsibilty of the arrangements to her maid, Gayatri! Raj Maata says Gayatri is the queen and won't work like a maid. But, Gayatri agrees to Rajeshwari's words.


Gayatri puts a tilak on Ranaji's head. Rajeshwari gets upset and says that Ranaji is violating his promise of not keeping any relationship with Gayatri. She asks Gayatri to go to each guest's house and invite them for the wedding.

Gayatri Heartbroken

Rajeshwari asks Ranaji to apply ointment on her back. Ranaji agrees. Gayatri sees them close to each other. Ranaji is trying to make Gayatri feel jealous so that she lets the secret out.

As her third vow, she demands that the royal heir of the kingdom would be Ranaji's and Rajeshwari's son.Ranaji is taken aback and leaves Rajeshwari's hand.

Rajeshwari stated that if she stays in Ameerkot, she will live like a queen, with all respect and dignity. Ranaji looks at Gayatri and hopes she reveals the secret before it's too late.

He says he accepts all the three demands of Rajeshwari. Everyone leaves from the place. Gayatri is left all alone. Rajeshwari hold Ranaji's hands, and leaves from there.

Gayatri breaks down and runs towards the temple. Gayatri cries tragically. In her room, Raaj Mata cries thinking about Ranaji and Gayatri. She laments her s destiny, for seeing her children in this situation.

Ranaji comes to the temple. Gayatri hugs him and kisses her on her hand. Gayatri tells him that it was she who invited the pain and trouble into their lives.

He tells her that if she wants to put an end to their sufferings, she must tell him the truth about Sartaj. Gayatri refuses, and tells Ranaji that she accepts the pain and they both will have to bear with it.

Raaj Mata comes to Gayatri and tells her that she is really great, to have made such a big sacrifice.. She thanks Gayatri for keeping her words and not letting Ranaji know about Sartaj.

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