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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani: Raaj Mata's Secret Revealed; Ranaji To Molest Rajeshwari?

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In the latest episode of Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani we saw how Raaj Mata's big secret was revealed. Gayatri (Drashti Dhami) asks Raaj Mata to tell her everything. Raaj Mata informs her that Ranaji (Siddhant Karnick) is not her biological son.

But, she will always be his mother. Gayatri is shocked. She enquires why did Raaj Mata keep it a secret. Raaj Mata tells her the entire story.

Ranaji Is Sartaj's Son

Raaj Mata finally revealed the biggest secret of her life. Ranaji is not her own son, but Sartaj's son. Raaj Mata pays him every year for keeping this a secret.

Badi Rani Maa

Badi Rani Maa is back in the haveli. This time she has a bigger plan to ruin Ranaji. She picks up the amulet from the fire and says she will destroy Ranaji.


Rajeshwari is in the Ameerkot palace to avenge her brother, Avadesh's insult. She wants to prove that Avadesh was at no fault in eyeing Gayatri.


Gayatri will face trouble because of Badi Rani Maa. She gets surrounded by enemies. Ameerkot is filled with conspirators, as everyone is planning against the royal couple.

Badi Rani Maa's Plan

Raaj Mata doubts Badi Rani Maa is behind all the evil plan. She knows that Badi Rani Maa is planning something big this time.

Ranaji To Fall Prey To Rajeshwari's Seduction?

Rajeshwari traps Ranaji in her love and blames him of molestation. Gayatri is shocked at this. She wants to expose Rajeshwari and prove Sartaj innocent. How is this going to change Ranaji and Gayatri's life?

Years ago, during her labour pain in the Kul Devi Mandir, Raaj Mata faints. Meanwhile, on the other side, Sartaj was trying to kill his own child.

The maiden tries to stop him. But Sartaj was drugged and he says that he wants to kill the child. He throws the child away. Raaj Mata get hold of the baby. Sartaj asks her to give his son back.

Raaj Mata ridicules him and tells that he is now her son. Sartaj asks her to keep the child with him but demands for gold in return. Raaj Mata gives away all her jewellery. Raaj Mata promises to pay him well, every year after that.

Raaj Mata tells Gayatri that she didn't want to lose, neither her child nor Ameerkot. She tells her that after Yashoda' s death, she wasn't able to send Sartaj's money even once and that is how Avadesh got to know that there is some secret.

Raaj Mata says that Sartaj is paying for his wrong deeds. She hugs Gayatri and cries and asks her to keep it a secret as this truth could destroy everything.

On the other side Rajeshwari and Badi Rani Maa are busy plotting schemes against Ranaji. They want to destroy him, completely.

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