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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani: OMG! Rajeshwari Slits Gayatri's Neck!

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Zee TV's, Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani, has always been successful in keeping the viewers hooked to the show with its interesting twists and turns. After the whole Avadesh drama, the current plot revolves around Badi Rani Maa's return to the royal palace and also Rajesjwari's entry into the palace.

Rajeshwari happens to be Avadesh's sister and intends to trouble Gayatri in order to avenge her brother's insult. In the latest episode we saw Rajeshwari visiting Sartaj in jail. She incapacitates Sartaj, puts him in a trolley and brings him out of jail.


Following Badi Rani Maa's plan, Rajeshwari is successful in getting Sartaj out of the jail. She incapacitates him and brings him out in a trolley.

Badi Rani Maa

Badi Rani Maa threatens to kill Sartaj if he doesn't tell her the truth that he has been hiding. Sartaj demands half of Ameerkot in return. Badi Rani Maa keeps a knife at his neck. He gets scared and tells her everything.

Rajeshwari Traps Ranaji

Rajeshwari plays a trick on Ranaji. She tries to trap Ranaji emotionally. She will try to seduce Ranaji and later on, blame him for molesting her.

Badi Rani Maa's Plan

Badi Rani Maa is happy to know Raaj Mata's secret as this will help her to ruin Ranaji and get the royal throne back. She pledges to take revenge, of her disrespect, on Gayatri.

Gayatri And Ranaji

In the upcoming episode, we will see Ranaji and Gayatri enjoying the festival of Makar Sankranti, together. They fly kites and spend some playful time with each other.

Rajeshwari's Plan

Rajeshwari holds the thread of the kite to assist Ranaji, and will try to break their peace and romance. She will plan to get closer to Ranaji and make Gayatri insecure.

Rajeshwari Hurts Gayatri

Rajeshwari is angry seeing Gayatri and Ranaji happy. She will use her evil trick against Gayatri. She cuts the kite's string which hurts Gayatri's neck, and she starts bleeding.

Ranaji Treats Gayatri

Ranaji will panic seeing Gayatri in pain. He will immediately treat her. Rajeshwari and Badi Rani Maa are happy seeing Gayatri hurt. What will Rajeshwari's next plan be?

Gayatri (Drashti Dhami) has come to know about Raaj Mata's secret. She is in a dilemma, whether to keep it a secret or inform Ranaji (Siddhant Karnick) about it. Rajeshwari pushes the trolley through the garden. She is completely covered in robes.

Gayatri sees her but is not able to sense the danger. She takes Rajeshwari to be a maid, as she couldn't see Rajeshwari's face. Badi Rani Maa shows the amulet to Sartaj and asks him to disclose the secret. Sartaj doesn't disclose anything and Badi Rani Maa strangles him.

Sartaj demands half of Ameerkot from Badi Rani Maa in return of the secret. Meanwhile, Gayatri confronts Rajeshwari. She asks Rajeshwari why she was dressed as a maid. Rajeshwari lies to her and comes to Ranaji.

She falls at his feet and tells him that, Gayatri only suspects her. She asks Ranaji to kill her instead. Ranaji apologises to her on behalf of Gayatri. Badi Rani Maa threatens Sartaj that if he doesn't tell her the truth, she would kill him. She is shocked by what Sartaj told next!

In the upcoming episode we will see Badi Rani Maa planning something worse for Gayatri in order to avenge her insult.

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