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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:Ranaji Gets Gayatri Arrested, But Why?

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In the last episode of Zee TV's Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani, Rajeshwari was seen creating a high voltage drama in the Ameerkot palace after her brother, Avadesh's death.

Rajeshwari comes to the palace to seek justice. And she blames Gayatri (Drashti Dhami) for Avadesh's death. She informs Ranaji (Siddhant Karnick) that it was Gayatri who helped Sartaj, flee from the jail.


Rajeshwari is blind with revenge. She wants to avenge Avadesh's death. She plans to get Ranaji and Gayatri separated. She urges Ranaji to marry her.

Ranaji Refuses

Ranaji refuses to marry Rajeshwari. He tells her that he could do anything to give her justice but never marry her. Rajeshwari is infuriated at this.

Ranaji Questions Gayatri

Ranaji asks Gayatri why she helped Sartaj in escaping from the jail. He can feel that Gayatri is hiding something from him. He asks Gayatri to reveal the truth to him.

Gayatri Arrested

Ranaji is upset to know that Gayatri helped Sartaj to escape. Ranaji and Gayatri would have a big fight over this issue and Ranaji would get Gayatri arrested for her act.

Ranaji Marries Rajeshwari

Ranaji agrees to marry Rajeshwari. Gayatri is broken down to see Rajeshwari hugging Ranaji. Rajeshwari is successful in creating a distance between the couple.


Gayatri does 'tapasya' holding a burning diya in her hand and pledges to expose Rajeshwari's real intentions soon. Badi Rani Maa is happy to see Gayatri in pain.

Had Gayatri not done so, Ranaji wouldn't have tried to kill Sartaj and thus, Avadesh would have been saved. Rajeshwari demands for Gayatri's punishment. Despite Ranaji asking for forgiveness, Rajeshwari is not satisfied and has something treacherous in her mind.

On being questioned by Ranaji, Rajeshwari says that a girl's respect is protected by her father, brother and husband. She has already lost her father and brother, saying this, she opens up a sindoor box. Everyone present there is shocked.

Rajeshwari says that if Ranaji really wants to do justice to her, then he has to marry her. Gayatri fumes at it and throws the sindoor box from Rajeshwari's hand. Rajeshwari and Gayatri have a big argument.

Ranaji says that whatever Rajeshwari is asking for, is wrong and immoral and he wouldn't comply with it. Rajeshwari ridicules Ranaji for being a coward. Ranaji clarifies that Avadesh's death was just an accident and that he is ready to accept any punishment but marry Rajeshwari.

Gayatri smiles at Ranaji. Rajeshwari says that Ranaji didn't keep his promise and so, she will not leave the palace, as long as Ranaji doesn't accept her as his wife, her brother's last rituals won't be performed.

In the coming episode we will see Ranaji blaming Gayatri for helping Sartaj. He can feel that Gayatri is hiding something from him. He would ask Gayatri to reveal the secret she has been hiding from him.

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