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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani Spoiler: OMG! Jeevan Kidnaps Rani Out Of Obsession! (PICS)

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In Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani, Rani's (Eisha Singh) woes don't seem to end. After Raja, now Jeevan will be seen torturing Rani. He will also be kidnapping her! Read on to know, what made the sweet Jeevan turn wild...

Rani decides to marry Jeevan only on one condition - Raja should do all the rituals! Raja agrees to Rani's condition, while the latter decides to make Raja realise his love for her! Rajmata is aware of Rani's plan and promises to help her!

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Rajmata & Rani

Rajmata gets flashes of Badi Rani and reveals to Rani that she feels that the marriage is not right for Rani. But, Rani assures Rajmata that things will be fine and she will get her love (Raja).

Rani's Condition

Rani puts forth a condition that Raja should perform the rituals, and only then she would marry Jeevan. Raja agrees to it for Rani's happiness! With this, Rani wants to make Raja realise his love for her!

Amrita Shocked

Amrita takes shagun to Rani's house. She is shocked to see Rajamata. She wonders whether Rajmata doesn't know that Raja and Jeevan are Kaal's sons!

Raja's Mother

Raja's mother is shocked to see Rajmata and ‘shagun ka taali falls'. She asks Rajmata if they met before, but Rajmata denies. Amrita recalls the past and is furious.

Amrita & Jeevan

While Raja is worried how to perform the rituals when he loves Rani; his mother asks Jeevan to leave Amirkot after marriage. Raja overhears their conversation and is shocked with his mother's words.

Haldi Ceremony

During Haldi ceremony, Raja goes to perform the ritual, while Bindu tries to stop him, but in vain. Raja falls down as he slips on the beads and the haldi falls down. Rajmata calls it a bad omen!


In the upcoming episodes, Rajmata gets to know that Jeevan and Raja are Kaal's sons. She reveals Rani that Kaal is responsible for her parent's death!

Rani In Trouble

After knowing the truth, Rani stops the marriage. Jeevan, who has turned obsessive lover of Rani, doesn't want to let her go. He tries to stop her, but in vain.

Jeevan Kidnaps Rani

Jeevan kidnaps Rani. After seeing Rani missing, Raja goes in search of Rani. Apparently, Jeevan will be seen forcibly marrying Rani in a temple.

Rani & Jeevan

When Rani resists, Jeevan manhandles her and ties her. He picks her up and starts taking rounds in front of fire (pheras). Rani somehow manages to hurt Jeevan and tries to run!

Raja Finds Rani

Raja manages to find Rani and Jeevan. Raja will fight Jeevan. Finally, Raja realises his love for Rani. So, can we say Raja and Rani have reunited? Stay locked to this space for the latest updates...

Kaal and Badi Rani Maa are against the marriage. Kaal warns Raja and his mother that they, especially, Rani will have to pay for the mistake! Badi Rani also gives Rani, a costly ring and asks her to leave the place.

Although Raja's mother is aware of Raja and Rani's love, she agrees for the marriage, only for her son's sake. She takes shagun to Rajmata's house. Seeing Rajamata, she is shocked and recalls the past. She wonders whether Rajmata doesn't know that Jeevan and Raja are Kaal's sons! Also, Rani returns the ring that Badi Rani gave to Raja's mother.

Amrita panics about thinking about the past and gives the jewellery box to Jeewan. She tells Jeevan that Raja will not be able to bear the pain of him getting married to Rani, and asks him to leave Ameerkot after he gets married to Rani.

As we revealed in the spoiler earlier, Rajmata comes to know that Raja and Jeevan are Kaal's sons. She reveals to Rani that Kaal had killed her parents brutally. After getting to know the truth, Rani breaks her marriage with Jeevan. This makes Jeevan wild!

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