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Jamai Raja: Bansi Forces Roshni To Marry Kunal, What Happens Next?

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The current plot of Jamai Raja portrays an interesting sequence. In the last episode we saw how Sid (Ravi Dubey) learns about DD's (Achint Kaur) secret. Sid overhears Bansi and DD's conversation. Sid asks DD to tell him the truth.

DD starts narrating the story. She was 9 months pregnant when Nani took her to the village. DD gives birth to a stillborn. Nani was broken down thinking about Shiv and DD. Bansi asks Nani to swap DD's stillborn with some other woman's child.


Bansi knows DD's and Nani's secret about Roshni not being their own blood. She uses this against DD, and plans to take Roshni away with her.

Shuddikaran Puja

Bansi arranges for Roshni's 'shuddikaran puja' so that she can get Roshni and Kunal married again. She forces Roshni to sitfor the puja. Sid watches silently as he is waiting for something big to happen.

Kunal Takes Off Roshni's Mangalsutra

Bansi pours water on Roshni. Kunal forcibly tries to take off Roshni's mangalsutra in front of Sid. Kunal is hell-bent upon marrying Roshni at any cost.

Sid Takes His Dad's Help

Sid's dad comes there with some women. He stops Bansi and Kunal from doing the unjust act to Roshni. Sid takes his father's help to save Roshni.

Roshni Is Saved

Sid's father is successful in stopping Bansi and Kunal. He saves Roshni from Bansi's evil intentions. Roshni is happy and comes to Sid.

Bansi Raises Hand To Slap Sid's Dad

Bansi raises a handto slapSid's dad but Sid stops her on time. Sid warns her that if she does something like this again, then he will not spare her. The women taunt Bansi and blacken her face with coal.

Nani was scared and followed Bansi's advice. Bansi had got Roshni, (Nia Sharma) and Kunal married in their childhood. DD kept quiet for Roshni's sake because she didn't want to lose her.

Bansi had promised that she would return after 18 years, when Roshni would have become an adult, to take her back. Sid questions DD why she kept this hidden from Roshni. DD says everything would have been ruined. She was also apprehensive about Roshni's reaction.

Sid assures her that he will take care of everything. He promises that he won't let anything wrong to happen to Roshni. He tells DD that Roshni is quite mature and values her. He says that he will inform Roshni about this secret, because it is her right to know the truth.

DD begs Sid not to tell Roshni anything. She says that they have stolen her from her actual parents and that is immoral. Sid agrees to her and says that he will keep it secret for sometime now. He pledges that he won't let Bansi take undue advantage of the situation.

In the upcoming episode, we will see Bansi planning for Roshni's 'shuddikaran puja'. Bansi tries to take out Roshni's mangalsutra. Roshni calls out for help.

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